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I'm Steve cave and President Trump revved up. His supporters and set a sharp tone for his reelection campaign. CBS's? Steven Portnoy traveled with the president to Michigan president insists he has been completely exonerated complete. Vindication. And in his rally here in Grand Rapids. He mocked Democrats for suggesting there might just be more to the story in the full Muller report. Mr. Trump went hard after the chairman of the house intelligence committee little pencil neck, Adam Schiff, Scott the smallest snack. I've ever seen. We repeatedly said that. The Democrats investigating him are sick. People. House speaker Pelosi stands by shift. Calling him a patriotic leader new rules from pope Francis. Call for Vatican personnel and church diplomats abroad to go to with authorities immediately. When there's an accusation of sexual abuse. Tom Roberts is editor at large of the national. Catholic report what he's doing is is not only setting a standard for the rest of the church with indefatigable it self, but he's rearranging and confronting what he's been doing for a long time. And that is the clerical culture and the way it's use to acting and keeping secrets it's the first key step taken by the pope since last month's summit on sexual abuse. Well, something didn't smell right on a flight says we hear from CBS Bill Rakoff. United Airlines flight sixteen seventy five from Baltimore to San Francisco was diverted to Dulles International outside of Washington this morning after reports of a strange odor in the cabin aircraft. A Boeing seven thirty-seven landed at Dulles without incident, but seven passengers were taken to a local hospital to be evaluated. Well, it isn't history-making, but it is a spacewalker helmet. Let me ask Nick Hagan Kristina cook at work outside the space station. They're installing newer and stronger batteries for the solar power grid. It was supposed to be the first spacewalk with two women. But there was only one medium spacesuit available. New government report is further evidence. Economic growth may be slowing down consumer spending edged up just a fraction. It was down in December..

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