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Queen I'm Lisa lacerra Fox News two weeks after her death Retha Franklin's adopted hometown pays tribute service for a wreath. Of Franklin epi greater grace temple in Detroit lasted all day, long, as performers and pastors and. Dignitaries one after the other the stage to pay the respect. Our Anna day failed smokey Robinson and Chaka Yukon took the stage of the form Reverend Jesse Jackson and former President Bill Clinton spoke what I was so glad when I. Got, here I hope you will forgive me when the casket Still no fun because I. Wonder what my friends got on his final outfit. A sparkling phone Bank gold traffic's with sequent heels her casket made of solid bronze plated in twenty four. Karat gold stocks is Michelle Pollino in Washington DC the body of Senator John McCain lies, in state of the capitol rotunda Senate majority. Leader Mitch McConnell spoke at a service this morning Rations of Americans back to continue, to marvel at the man who lies before. Us suffer from e.. D. And you've seen your doctor caulking little blue pill Hamson naval aviator doctrine unwitting barely scraped through schools what if. I told him that freedom just came off in. The Scott memorial service or McCain will take place tomorrow morning in Washington DC McCain US naval academy Sunday. Train to go with Canada continue after the US range Mexico this week Canada's foreign affairs, minister Christie Freeland ambassador lighthizer and I agreed Given. The intensity of the negotiations right now we wouldn't be negotiating but she is confident that candidate can reach cheek says will be a, win win, win, President Trump, signing an executive order directing federal, agencies to make it easier for small businesses..

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