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I know get thirty percent off you're gonna love you my total towels today radio seventy seven Curtis just about one and a half minutes ago Kamel Harris released her own statement on Twitter she said to my supporters it is with deep regret but also with deep gratitude that I'm suspending my campaign today because that pirate came and took all of my staff had made you Limburg but anyway let's play the cut last night we heard from the father of Virginia sky Roberts if family had grown up I believe in Colorado they moved to Palm Beach county Florida he got a job as head of meat instead Mar a Lago only that's with Giselle Maxwell first came across and recruited her to become a mess to use for the pen a file on a pedestal Jeff we have sting down and all that she's telling the truth I mean if you I'm sorry seen interviews with prince Andrew and it it just shows to me and I think most Amer and that he is not telling the truth she has no reason to not tell the truth about this and here's a reason to deny it because him being a royal and and when he's done I mean these are young girls these are kids Anna he has young daughters and you know what it was his daughter that went through this yeah I mean the princess Beatrice and Eugenie are right around the same age as Virginia so it's really just kind of nauseating to even think that he wasn't asking questions perhaps or did know and still didn't care about it okay so let's let's look at this from a different point of view I'm very jaundiced about sky Roberts the father here it is just thought it was seventeen he knew she got recruited by Giselle match well it didn't come as a surprise to him a he actually met with Jeff we have seen the peta file on a pedestal had a one on one sit down with him ask him about what his daughters responsibilities would be as a message right he thought he was a stand up guy meaning the father to a Jeffrey I've seen was a stand up guy she starts jet setting all over the place I mean Virgin Islands Europe other locales which if we have seen on the low Leedy express and he can find that aren't too well finding it odd and realizing that your daughter is hang out with much peta files are two separate things I mean the fact is that he was working at Donald trump's Mar a Lago he obviously thought well if you're somebody that's socializing with Donald Trump and all these other important people you're you're legit I would imagine that she wasn't telling him I'm being taken around and basically is as a sex slave I'm sure she was presenting it as I am a masseuse and I just happen to be very good even though currently she had showed no inclination to be a masseuse before she didn't know anything about being in the suit well you know she probably was saying I was I'm getting paid a fortune in their fly me all over creation I mean it does kind of make them wonder why it either way this is a fun I yeah I don't I don't I got a guy wants to massage does not just because every day he wants a massage to limber up he once said happy moment what is wrong with this guy I it again it's the same thing as the parents with the Michael Jackson kids we why are they letting where they lay still literally walking into a bedroom at at the Neverland ranch and looking at their kid into bed with Michael Jackson eating popcorn and watching TV like what are you thinking I know but she's never been asked about why her father chose not to do an intervention anyway let's go to Jones calling from Long Island welcome the Kurdistan jetset Juliet use at how are you listen you think that the father if anybody thinks the father didn't know we didn't have wasn't worried what what you that naive to think that this guy was a come on man you got to be a real idiot this is all if this is all about when I could get because every artist if you work in an office if you ever worked in an office you sure young girls in their twenties with guys forty deuce you knew that they were you will they will do take advantage of or they will go over again so let's let's call a spade a spade now this one here she did the deed maybe she was too young to at the time it was it wasn't are really her responsibility not to pray have somebody prey on her but you got to take a little a little responsibility blame her you're gonna blame at a seventeen year old girl is that we hi mom and ask you questions the question your high horse my god this is the guy that calls all the time is such a nasty attitude Joe I just ask a question the last nasty **** I mean this he's the one that probably drives around with the I love god Jesus saves god bless Donald Trump and you know a few only ready yeah I called you by your Nick name yes well I know that was human Scott no which runs would **** not summoning look enough people call you that I yeah but it's not my nickname I think it's incredibly disrespectful for a man to speak that way too about a woman that he doesn't know and that is merely doesn't like because she doesn't want his his idol he wants you to come on more of your high horse your palomino am I supposed to sound if you're out in an act like I don't know what I'm talking about it is that make is that will that make you feel better when the queen mother is talking to her favorite son prince Andrew she's galloping on her steed that's yes she's on her high horse that is true well is taking it the wrong way no you're right you're right the whole **** thing I don't know that kind of comes off as weird yeah but it's not let this guy anymore because I want to start yelling at him and I'm just I'm at that yeah we use you know my arm is hurting I'm just kinda edgy in the world of Carty be that's a compliment but anyway I would love to meet Joe out of them but anyway Bloomberg charades have had their first casualty in the democratic primary campaign remember he said he wasn't trying to eliminate any of the Democrats will he Sir yeah right read up the departure of center to come out Harris who just left the presidential campaign just moments ago but first let's get our news headlines and updates engine diet dot com studios information you frost from the capital of the world radio seventy seven W. A. B. C. news weather and now sentencing after an engaged couple Donnie thirty seven degrees and sunny and Steve Matthews now what's trending on seventy seven W. A. B. C. Inc WABC radio dot com a Brooklyn man is sentenced in connection with the car crash that killed the newly engaged couple on Long Island revel walk ins received eighteen years to life in prison for killing twenty one year old yes rail Levin and his twenty year old fiancee last year in in wood authorities say walk ins was driving more than twice the speed limit on Nassau expressway when he crossed over the double yellow lines and struck the couple's car head on live in canceling were returning home from the Passover gathering in were said to be married two months from the day they were killed cops are investigating at least a dozen burglaries in Manhattan since November nineteenth the high seven in restaurants and clubs throughout the city some of the venues include the mile and hops bar on ninth Avenue we know tempus restaurant on east thirty first St and Serafina restaurant on ninth Avenue in most of the break ins I'm in approximately thirty years old with steel cash from the register or take electronic tablets.

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