Rick Gates, Prosecutor, President Trump discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe


And that's let's assume that Bob Muller and his team actually do contemplate either cutting down the scope of the questions or offering some written questions in lieu of an actual sit down interview. It may. Very well be that. The the mother team believes that any questions being answered by the president would be important for two reasons. One, it may very well informed the investigation about among other things. The president's thought process, his subjective intent to see whether when he was doing the things he is alleged to have done. He was doing it with a corrupt intent, and then to I don't wanna be cynical, but it may very well be that Bob Muller and his team are willing to negotiate the terms of the interview a little bit just to have the opportunity to interview the president because I think we've all seen the president has real challenges being consistent in his answers from one day to the next from one tweet to the next and the Muller investigation team knows full well that if the president answers questions either in writing or in an interview setting. And he lies to federal investigators each time he does it. He violates eighteen United States code section one thousand one for lying to federal investigators and each time he does it, it carries up to five years in prison. So the Muller investigative team may very well want to give the president the opportunity to be his own worst enemy, Jonathan Lemaire Glenn one that we just mentioned Rick gates. His name is metaphors, longtime deputy. We know he, of course, also talking to prosecutors. What's the significance of why he suddenly is not going to be testifying, walk us through what that means in this trial and going forward. Sure. That's a great question because I think we're all little bit surprised when we heard the prosecutor represented judge Ellis when judge Ellis pressed him because apparently I wasn't in the courtroom, but I spoke with people who were the prosecutor was showing a witness document and talking about Rick gates signature and judge Ellis said, you know what? Let's not. As time you can ask Mr. gates that and that's when the prosecutor, I think had to be responsive to the judge and say, well, you know what? Your honor. We're not entirely sure we're going to put Mr. gates on the stand in this trial, and that did come as a surprise to people. Let me tell you if they decide to decline to call Rick gates as a witness it is because they believe they have more than enough evidence to prove manafort's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. And actually, if we dig down a little bit more, I was a federal prosecutor for thirty years. I put countless cooperating witnesses on the stand, and if I was going to call that cooperating witness at trial, you can bet I would stand up in front of the jury and opening statements. And I would say, ladies and gentlemen, let me explain what a cooperating witness is. Let me let me tell you that even though the cooperating witness had his charges reduced in exchange for his agreement to testify truthfully against others. If he lies in court all. All of those charges are revived. He's facing more time in prison. He's facing perjury charges. He could be facing excessively after the fact charges if he lies in court. So the cooperating witness has everything to gain by telling the truth and everything to lose by lying even ally that might make it look like Mr. Manafort is more guilty. The reason I'm doing that in opening statement is because I want to be the one to frame for the jury, how to receive information from cooperating witness, will guess what? What I talked to people who watch the opening statement, the prosecutors in the eastern district of Virginia case didn't open like that. They open very generally on. Well, you'll hear some information about Mr. gates in crimes he committed. It may be that the prosecutors sort of lulled the defense team into thinking they were going to call Mr. gates and they may not call them at all. And there are a number reasons for that Glenn Kirschner. Thank you very much. Much and still ahead this morning, the president tweets, thinking the dictator of North Korea full remains. Young young says, are of American war dead North Korea also sent one dog tag, but no..

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