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And filling a giant bowl full of boiling hot water putting your face in it and then putting a towel over your head which i feel like there is a better way to do that there must be also like attention ladies from the 1890s yes and it's so like on good trick you're like the least literally say bend over it for five minute unlike you are standing later hunched over for five minutes is a long time i don't think that seems in the last five minutes it's not going to let in the even site it doesn't even asked boiling so i'm like you're just going to be standing there with some lukewarm water would five minutes no no i don't like that i don't know maybe just stand in the shower with a shower steam it reminds me of like when people do the oil washing technique but then with the steam cloth yeah and that can over that can if you're not careful that can over uh dry yeah overdrive ja uh real quick let's talk about this lisa frank add because let's as i was like what the faa this was their ripe time when all the white people were getting asian symbols put on their lawyer yang ride in that area the uh the slow slow descent of lease afraid kim yes uh public popularity i tried to skew too old there this is not like were losing like we're all growing out of the trans and bears the essays and the generation behind us was lake nona into because it wasn't their thing now sarah like uh how about leopardprint an asian symbols as young as so wrong on so mad old especially having this leg white bitch hold.

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