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They're tapes lordy i i remember saying fan jim i agree he's a good guy as a way of saying i am not agreeing with what you just asked me to do again maybe other people would be stronger in that circumstance bright that that is so that's how i conducted myself right elbow never have another opportunity who did it again i would do it better okay well lease at some admission so you you admit that mr kami they didn't handle this situation right and how many years have you been at the fbi and how many years have you been a prosecutor in how many years have unit the been at this game and he didn't know how to conduct yourself in this circumstance heart that guy was in office for threemonth or sorry a month and a half for the the first time him out on or not even like to ninety three weeks weeks three weeks anke three weeks for the first maiden but you in an office you've been serving the federal government and a prosecutorial capacity or as director the fbi for years and you need more experience to figure that appearance of impropriety thing out i says odd eight five five forty laura there is another point where rubio raise the question of whether he spoke to the white house counsel let's listen did you say to the president that it would be inappropriate for you to do so and then talk to the white house counselor anybody so hopefully they will talk to him and tell him that he couldn't do this first time i served well we can do second time i explained how should work that the white house counsel.

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