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You don't get that when i go there and i'm the only one that goes there because nobody wants to go down there with me i walked. It's like going to a morgue. I i visit that place. So infrequently is probably visited. The same amount. I'd visit a friend in prison. Oh i go down there. And i have a key and i walk in there and And i open up that door and it makes loud noise. I turned on that light bulb that bare light bulb. And there's just so much history and they're like you know i get sat. I see like old stuff. You know that. I that parents pictures and ex wives. You know catchers on my ex wives all over the place let me ask you do. You don't need my permission do you. Do you think you would have been this. Nostalgic would have been emotional before the pandemic or was it. Yeah it's always been there's a west wind storage unit. because i'm the celtic. I save stuff. That i don't need i'm paying for it. I keep halloween decorations in there. i keep christmas decorations in there and for that amount of money. I could buy new decorations every year. But then it but there. You're going to throw away the special ones in my garage. That's true that's true but some of you gotta keep. I'm a big fan of. I mean we went to my surgeon. It yes i love going to a storage unit. We went to two of them and how it size ten by ten to bay ten by ten ten by six. Probably not as big as yours and i found old journals. We i i. It was nice to put together some of the pieces. Now that i've been through therapy a little bit. Now that i'm ready to see what like looking through the journals and stuff it's okay. I'm ready to see what happened. Yeah you know how you could step back and look at it. Yeah like from the trying. Like whitney sitcom poster..

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