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Mm. Because on this day 1968, Canadian musician. Singer songwriter Little Affair founder Sarah McLachlan. What? Canadian Canadian? Yeah. Why are you upset that Sarah McLachlan is Canadian? I I'm not. I'm not. I don't care. I don't care if she's fine. She's a lovely woman. And a wonderful Canadian, A heretic to Canadians correct it to read it to Canadians everywhere. So while we were listening to that song I was doing something. What? I was taking a driver license. Press practice exam? No. Oh, No, not for me. So what's help your kids cheat. So my my dear daughter, Jonesy was 15 Wants to get her learner's permit. Okay, and she's been studying for it. My daughter 16 and has no desire to Dr C Row. My daughter can't wait to get out and not have people have to driver places that she can just go use that. So why were you taking the test? Well, so so? So the way it works now is you have to the D M V is awesome. Now, by the way,.

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