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When he's giving me twenty nine and ten all coastal it's find out rush got russell westbrook as james harden has ultimate june telling me that he is also a playmaker yeah he's a good place thing he can score but he's a good player ossie i got gotta to deal with let the clintons kevin durant so he he can make plays but he never play me does does louis what he's saying he can make plays but he's not a playmate i know what he's saying when he's like just because average you know a certain amount of say we got like fifteen minutes left a show i'm gonna do poll please let the panthers fans are you going to say kevin durant a plane we'll play me play maker no no you can't do it like that we can wear exactly i want us to fan out that properly roads of wolves tweet about bari parker photo i think it would just see sand was he signed her at aca tell you i haven't got the notification you don't worry don't worry i got he only got to bring your phones up age awards and ask you say a free agent ford's a bar park has agreed to two year forty million dollar deal just a couple of months a couple of minutes ago this with the podium to say don't even put kevin renamed and if you average if the most assists you've ever average in a season as five are you a playmate he was almost that six it was five point eight he's so you might five is that are we agree into that the all want me to put that i feel like it's not right because we think from giving them in estimate that's getting whole point of this is that it was katie not about the decision we know who we know who it's about it's about kevin durant playmaking we're going to take his name out of there because i don't we don't wanna kevin durant fan section to just say kevin the rain because that's like if i'll tell me what i ain't got nothing to do with this y'all don't you think we shouldn't we shouldn't glue kevin they're going to say once they say the episode they're going to know what we're talk right but but they don't know that right now so i'm leaving one on my pain went on my personal page and one of them that dude away if we're gonna put we not leave out information i'm talking about is this is all right still no pulse is we can't agree on that they didn't they send the comments section why why is it important to include his name i wanna to ask you i'm not i didn't say how actu i don't i don't care what y'all included comes actually why would it be important to include it why are you asking me what i'm not the one that said it i i know that was asking you because i want to hear a different opinion but at this somebody didn't have bias i'm not as they might say i'm by the nearby i actually was not in into i want to ask you s megan why would it be important because i'll because he's the player to y'all talking about okay i also say because if you just say what you said at five point five we're gonna five or six found waiting just they don't know the background to if your point guard his point five assists a game like some like we not put in point guard and we just saying if a player has averaged five point five is complete mega nothing hi defined today no when he was averaging twenty plus points was he a complaint murky ever like seven assists everyone but i wouldn't playmaker you get exactly because he only averaged it like once and that was abc's he was never a playmaker there grows athletic point guard who had the craziest finishing ability nobody was he got better as a playmaker okay at his peak but nobody was like playmaking grows our saying i got the combat section of the videos doing for next episode we'll recap what i'm saying is having the name having than anybody give their last argument so about an hour and he can't win the river's okay i want both y'all make their last case essay chemistry is good flaming it when i wonder what i was going to ask before we do this.

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