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In Detroit, I think would have been the words have so much talent. But I still think would've been different, saying Steve is not much better. I just think with a young team, I don't know if he's gonna be able to relate. I mean, here. I know Chauncey Billups ended up is an assistant with the Clippers. But knowing him, Sam Cassell's names come out there. I just It just seems like some organizations. It's just old boy, old boy Old boy network, and it would seem to me that I would want new young blood. To grow with a young team. But, you know, look, I wasn't in on the interviews. I don't know, but I just stand down Gundy When he had some success in Orlando, he didn't have any success in Detroit. I just that would inspire me at all. If ever the pelicans fan sounds like the back page of The New York Post when George Tori got hired with the Yankees clueless Joe, no clue rage. He's a great guy, but I think he's thinking. I I just feel like he's you know, third time could be the charm. It's just a different experience for him. I, David Griffin is a sharp guy extremely sharp on all levels. So you know a lot of times when you make a coaching change like this. You want somebody different? Alvin Gentry and Alvin has a tough side to him, but I think by and large, he's a player's coach. He plays a player friendly system. I think they they, David Griffin felt like they needed the rain that a little bit here, and they needed a guy that was going to be in charge. And Stan Van Gundy will be in charge. And I think by the fact he's lost a couple of jobs now he dabbled in TV, and it's a different perspective that it gives you He may approach it differently, so I'll be willing to see they got talent there. So what other jobs are open now? Houston still open. You're talking to me and I just tired. Ah! The assistant yesterday's It isn't Houston, the only job it's open now. Ahh. 76 years already filled it docked after right away that it of all those ones have been maybe one other Gotta go back and look because there might be another one. So I was going to get to Houston is the other Van Gundy brother going to get into they were talking about that's what we were talking about. And it's been forever since he'd left. Plus, you'd have to pay him a boatload. What's he making it? Eight. What's he making an ESPN? ABC. Making What I don't know. Five million marks basketball. They're not going to fail him like the Monday football guy. I don't know what they make you. He's their leader. $5 million, But I'm not a question of whether you make unless he lives in Houston. He never something ever sold is home there have the ownership is different. And this owners way different than Leslie Alexander. He's going to get involved. And you also got a you know. Daryl Morey quit. I think they elevated the assistant there. So they got the GM in place? I don't know. That'd be interesting. If the two Vanguard the fathers, both Unretire from TV or retired from coaching and attire from TV and come back. I don't know, but The interesting and the other one That's out there as far as the big story today, Remember when Odell Beckham Jr was thrown around money and how weird that was when Ellis you won the national championship last year? He's handing guys money. There was fake money, though. I know it was real money. And he's been banned for he's been banned from L s u for two years. For doing that. How about that hat? Mr owner of casting college kids he he was doing at the guys who supposedly were either leaving or out of eligibility. But that's probably not a great Alice. You get in trouble for that. I don't know if they ended up getting in trouble over that or not, But I would imagine that. Yeah, that wouldn't be the best thing. I know he handed job, Earl money and every said burro, you know. Always, but you know, it was bad luck. It was right on the field, so I was just kind of weird. All right, Dennis. Rounds going tojoin us going up next. We have talked about the fan element of things. We're going to get back onto the field as we get you ready for the 40. Niners and the Patriots will take a look back at last week's win against the Rams as well with Dennis, the Super Bowl champion only here in the sports center. You know, you can listen to Papa and London. Your Google home. Smart speaker just say play KNBR faithful.

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