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I have no idea what Irena shakes Homebase will be I guess, it'll be New York, but she's just like for has famous she is in for as much time. She spent the spotlight. She is such an a 'nigma. I don't know anything about her. She's a model and I think that, that benefits her career to not be known because then career campaign. Yes, she's like canvas and the image that she produces is cut, how she makes her money. You know, there's that famous thing where someone very I think it's Johnny Depp, of course, it was Johnny Depp, who told Kate moss, just like, don't speak, because it really changes, how people will perceive you, which is on believably sexist. And also Kate moss is really funny, that when she speaks I recommend her cooking chicken video, was it for vogue, or bone apetite. I think it was but quite delightful. I'm not. She'd ever really cooked chicken before. But it was still really engaging. But so I think that some of arenas lack of publicity is by design, 'cause I suppose in the fashioned world that makes you more monetize. -able. In the line of work that she's chosen, whether or not I think that I agree with. That is like a different conversation. Entertainment tonight, ET online also has some good coverage with much more. I renew focus quotes. I'll read some saying, okay Irena truly had high hopes for their future together and felt once the baby is born. They would find time to marry but that never came to fruition. She wanted more from Bradley in every way, but she was unhappy in felt he spent too much time working recently Irena decided enough is enough. She didn't feel. She was getting a level of commitment. She wanted endless fighting made their life on bearable. They are very different people. Once they realize it was the baby, that was holding them together as time to call it quits, their troubles have been going on for quite some time, and they even considered splitting during the release of the movie. They talk things through great deal and seem to hold off and keep up appearances for the time being it was recommended. They delays split at what seemed to be the PICO his career because a negative attention would take away from the excitement of the release all that from an anonymous source that is extremely. I don't feel like this joint could've sign up on that entertainment tonight. Good reporting from your Nana source. I mean like thing about an anonymous source thing with entertainment tonight, and other like Hollywood outlets could literally be anyone. Like I don't I don't know. How are we supposed to trust this at all? We're not. But there's also a level of honesty to it. I don't know why anyone else would call up and say that except hey guys, here's the deal. They didn't wanna break. They want to bring up. They could it also a little more considered an informed than what I normally expected anonymous source to be, which is someone who is thinking strategically about their career and even wrote, and who knows some of the Hollywood press considerations. I mean, maybe it's just like someone like you were calling, but I to me, the specificity of that makes it seem more plausible totally. I'm kinda sad there over I'll never forget their initial. Shoot where they're like, I think, somewhere on the Mediterranean, and there's pictures swimming, or whatever, and Bradley Cooper is like at turns looking straight into the camera and other turns like trying to avoid it like the best. He can we've had a great round with these ever forget their appearance at Wimbledon. Oh, yes. Great lines. Well, speaking of the tired of the fighting on all time awkward tennis spectator, performance, at least we have the gifts. Thank you so much for everything. Bradley Cooper, Irena shea s we wish you well she. Well, dependably, happy trails, moving on riana isn't interview magazine this month..

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