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Station, KCBS. It's 5 51. And we catch up now with KCBS traffic and weather information. Kid wonder these updates sponsored by another California 100 dealers. Yes, Stan. Guess what They did Turn the meter in lights on after all of the Bay Bridge Traffic seemed a bit lighter. But anyway, they flipped the switch just a couple minutes ago. So we are starting to see a little build up a traffic just at the toll plaza chilled, Not a body collision, Candace. See Sluggish pattern as you make your way out toward the island. So that's probably why they decided to go ahead and flip that switch. So there you go. We're in the building up of traffic mode at the toll Plaza Bay Bridge. Currently, accident just came in for the Redwood City area. This is South 1 to 1 just before you get down to a Whipple. But it looks like these two cars have made it safely off to the right shoulder. But if you see CHP heading down there that his wife and we still have some traffic being detoured around in San Jose because of that homicide investigation And it's ongoing. It's the 400 block of East San Fernando Street, so the surrounding streets are closed, including 1/10 and 11th. So that area you will find a bit of a delay. But to just use some of the side streets and you'll be a okay North. Wanna one through Santa's a. The world to sing a little bit of a build up a traffic per usual from 2 80 out toward McKee, but that soon enough dissipates as you head up toward The 80 interchange. Your next update 5 58 on the traffic leader, KCBS. Let's have a look at our man. Seanie Sleep world six Day forecast. Aaron Peck is in the k P I x five Weather Center where you're gonna notice. It feels a.

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