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Mike there's no pre mad at central so i know you can't possibly be a doctor but you play one of the newspaper a fracture hairline fracture but he also to sell needs potentially nag and hit in the head on a cure lee's problem and then the related calf problem because the thought votes connected to the eccentric sceptre up for act i mean what do we think in here we waiting for jim nill to make an official announcement and what they know how and what's ben's status latest line and when he did was he had a core muscle injury it's not a sports hernia but it's similar so the actual marshall back at cold or a partially torn whip in that area and command of its evict concerning especially when he had to do so last year but he headed down early enough that everybody thinks he'll be fine he had two hip surgeries last year didn't do a whole lot in training camp and then ended up playing all eighty two game i wanted i you know the injury he suffered him mentally you get low brady's down then the bye cook off a couple years ago and then last year he get caught partially cut him you kelly and so then monday kane tried to come back from that that affected its can apps and you're right it's it's all starting to come together and that lower body area and in my biggest concerning is that not that he's going to injury throng but that this has to really dob's collection of injuries could affect his speed and that is the mets his greatest strength and it's not as fast works as explosive as he was than i do wonder you know how that's going to affect in but he'll finger taped minor you know you've got so october thirteenth or whatever it so but guess that he'll be fine for the season opener although we went out on a potential i met him most update us when we go to camp on friday but yeah it is a concern which is a big guy this important for your team am when he's now it really goes into it than you go from having paris a little number one center to having cody eakin that number one center and after there's a meeting against cody eakin but they have to get that dynamics sleeping mike heika of the dallas morning news joining guard stellar crowd simpson nhl network radio serious xm channel ninety one you know the season before last or member interviewing jim nill and i like the fact that he always has clarity in perspective.

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