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Radio High on football. He's back. So's Rich Ackerman. Alright, seven games going on, and most are in the third quarter by this point, especially the Packers, and the Texan's a little more than you wanna have minutes in. And the Texans have the ball in a big hole. Let's check in with Adam Splain. And Ricky's still 21. Nothing Packers about three minutes into the second half or in a review. Right now, the Packers are challenging a Kenny Stills seven yard catch. There was a personal foul called on real red meat on the plate. So the Texans will have a first down whenever we do come out of the timeout, But they will either have the ball on the 23. Or they will have a look. See at the 30 again down, 21. Nothing. Shawn Watson 13 15 153 yards come out, throwing the ball. In the second half. Couple of injury updates various myths for Green Bay has returned to the game. The outstanding linebacker had an ankle injury coming into the week. He left the game for the end of the first act that he is back in there now the Texans so are going to be without Bradley Roby the rest of the game. Their best cornerback will not return. Hey, has a knee injury and wood When Davante Adams has caught eight passes for 114 yards in the first act. Being without your top corner is not exactly the way to go for the Texans. So they trailed 21 Nothing 12 15 to go in the third quarter, though they are driving to start second, asked the only Texan with an interception so far this year, and he is out right now. So a tough blow for the Texans down by three touchdowns to Aaron Rogers and company The Saints in a wild back and forth game have the lead 2.5 minutes gone by in the third quarter, the Superdome where we go and we check back in with Rene, NATO here, ranch with 11 45 Mark in the third stage has a safe store Top 21 17 some halftime numbers that you on third down conversions. Carolina 66.7% the same five out of 54 100%. Total yards. Carolina 1 80 states to 72. Of course we talked about the quarterbacks. Before the halftime Drew Brees was was 22 out of 18 out of 20 to 177 yards a pair of scores. He was sacked once. Teddy Bridgewater, 11 of 13 170 yards and two touchdowns as well in the Russian Department. Michael Davis, Carolina Panthers. There's a leading foot soldier, but he's had five toes for five yards. Alvin Command has 93 yards rushing and receiving rich in the first half. And again Drew Brees Sack wants Teddy Bridgewater Saints have not gotten to him yet. We're at 11 17 mark in the third quarter states on top of Carolina 21 17. Thank you, Rene. It has been all Steelers so far against Titans that's going to Tennessee and get more from Brant Douglas. And thus far in the start of the second half, the Steelers continued to be dominant. TJ Watch Ryan Tannehill on first down, second down Derrick Henry only able to rush for one yard. And third down is an incomplete pass. So a three and out for the Titans on their first place of the second half. The Titan started with a three and out in the first half as well and we will see if the Steelers Khun Mount another sustained drive, which has been their M O for the entire year. And the spar. Nothing about that is changing as these two teams were five and oh, coming in, but the sports the Steelers, who continue to be in the driver's seat, 24 7 opening minutes of the second half brand. It seems every time I've looked up the T. J Wat has been somewhere. Knocking the stuffing out of Ryan Tannehill. Is that the case so far today? Yes. When T. J. Watt is basically somehow he is sneaking and I think he has an invisibility cloak or something. And then he takes it off and goes in for either a fact that the first official sack on Tannehill, But he's had a couple of hurry. Then there were two times in the first half, where he was able to completely sneak in and take Derrick Henry down before Derek Henry could ever get a full Run on steam, and I know you can't call it back on a running back. But Derrick Henry was attacked twice in the first half yet, TJ watch the radar is on and, of course. His brother, J. J sacked Tannehill last week with Watt Brothers now have a Tannehill sack each in their credit for their future discussions over the Thanksgiving and Christmas and future year tables. Well, if there's any solace for Ryan Tannehill, it's that Derek is a fullback, and he doesn't have to worry about a third one right now. Just these had enough with the two of them. All right. Thank you very much. Brant Douglas in Tennessee. Let's go to Jeff's L. In Atlanta, where the Falcons have taken the lead over the Lions as we're getting ready to get underway second half here's Jeff. Well rich Falcons on top 14 to 10 that crater kicked a 50 or will go on the kind of play it. I have to bring the lines of that four. Detroit had just 29 seconds the ball on their own 25. But that's Stafford completed a 10 yard pass to teaching Haakenson, an 18 yard bikini Galloway and finally a 20 yarder to Marvin Jones before spiking the ball. So crater could get to kick off. Atlanta had just gone on a really impressive 14 play. 98 you're driving started at 1.5 Yard line after Dante Fowler stop Adrian Peterson on fourth and two and three. Range three or touchdown pass to Kabul. Ridley with just 29. Seconds of the half gave Atlanta its first lead. Ryan 17 of 25 for 100 and 83 Yards. Todd Gurley very little room to run 11 carry 17 yards on a one yard touchdown pass. The world. Stafford 11 of 1550 Yards and DeAndre Swift. I've carried 25 yards and a three yard touchdown lions have the ball starts second half It is 14 to 14 10,055 left in the.

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