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I really don't philip. Rivers is throwing his name the hat but he's saying he's going to coach high school football until the season's over and then he'd be open for return so he's getting himself into shape l. with nine kids. I think i'd want to be back in camp. But you know that's me gotta work camp. Okay got kids cam so i you know right. Now they have jacobson fourth round. Pick out of washington. I believe right so they gotta do something and fulls. All's is just kind of collecting dust there in chicago where justin field supposedly is dazzling. Everybody you know. I you know we're here in denver and one of the great What ifs was. Wow new general manager george. Peyton could have drafted justin field to his. Who's dropping in the draft steady. Took pat ser tan and then ultimately chicago moved up to trade for field. So it's a big you know. Did you pass on you. Know potential great great and and there have been reports coming out of chicago. How great fields looks to my response. That is you expect anything different. What what what are you. What do you expect you think. Do you think out of new york. You're gonna hear reports boy jets really disappointing zach wilson or reports out of new england boy. The patriots really think. They made a mistake in drafting mack. jones or out of jacksonville. You're going to hear reports men. This trevor lawrence isn't always cracked up to be of course. You're not going to hear any of that. These these quarterbacks who are projected to be the french. I'd saviors nothing but good vibes coming from them. Yeah absolutely and before. I get into it. I want them. Reagan recognize Not only thing. Green chilly As a sponsor the show it's thing good dot com also marks all pros reestablishing marhsall pros. Check it out at mark saul pros dot com. We're rebuilding great referral network but back to pack to your back to the fields comment. Yeah that's exactly what you're going to get. Here's the other thing the one thing you can read as a fan or the one thing that you can see as a reporter. That doesn't have a script in front of him. That doesn't know what the concept of the play is or what the guy is supposed to be reading. And all that stuff is you're gonna see athleticism you're gonna see big throws over the top you're like that's you're going to see a great scramble and extending play and making a big play down the field all that stuff is so easily visible and it's the easiest thing to comment on. Oh my gosh did you see that. Throw i mean trey. Lance makes one throw where he climbs. The pocket scrambles left and throws a dime down the football field and all sudden. That's they're going to end up. Starting trae lanza mean jimmy garoppolo You know he's not good. And so that's what that's the easiest stuff to see right. And i get that that it's easy to see but there are so many other nuanced aspects of playing that position. Think about what you have to know as a quarterback all right so why get in the huddle. I walk into the huddle mike and i'm going all right. All they need to hear is so we call we call the play so we get into heya. Were trips right nasty. H left outside to jet branch buffalo onto onto all that stuff. That was said. You know what. I'm listening for two jet onto the everything else. I don't give a rip right. I don't have to know that the xs run eight yard stick route. And the back is motioning outside of him that h left outside and he's running a go and the tight end in trips is running through. And the f. receivers run a pick curl and the z receivers coming down in that and his tag route is what they call a now route. So it's an underneath route underneath that pick curl and what you're trying to do is look to the tight end to the now right and that's those are the two guys you're really looking for right. And so you know. And then so it probably goes one two and then or or now's one tight ends to and the and the in branch route is three like whatever that three-man combo in the middle of the football field so you don't have to go the outside guys you're not even concerned with those guys are just filling up space and basically trying to trying to take away you know coverage but now as a quarterback you have to not only be able to spit that out in a timely fashion. Then you have to understand each individually tag route that i just explained then you have to understand too jet like we're going to turn weak to the left and oh by the way you know we've got those three week but what of a fourth guy comes up off the edge. Can i readjust protection. Can i slide past the will backer or the nickel guy slide. We'll back to take the nickel or can i sli bass pass like do i redirect the protection. Like where am i hot. The mike comes. Do we have that picked up or do we not have that. Picked up will an empty so we don't have a picked up so now i've got to be alert to that guy right and so you've gotta know all this stuff and if a receiver gets in the wrong place you're like no no no no tied down your split. Your run of the you know all the while knowing that the moment you say hot bad men on the other side of the line of scrimmage. We're looking to cry and you got so now we're picking out a what if when that back goes out. Do they just kick it order they. There's a linebacker go with him. Because of the linebacker goes with him. Guess what we know. We're in man which linebacker is it. Does the will linebacker go now. We adjust the protection. Say can we pick up. Migrated we want to pick up the nickel right all. These things are going on for quarterback this team as what am i thinking do jet i got that i got my guy i know. We're sliding those two. I don't know what your problem is. I got my. He got all this stuff going on that. You gotta be you gotta you gotta be dialed into right. There's a ton of stuff to know and for the quarterback and then you got snap the ball and then you've got to ask you you gotta you gotta look at your pre step. Hey i said did somebody go with the back okay. That's an indicator of man. Did they just kick it. Well that's going to be zone. So what's on. The is a single i. It's a single high. It's going to be covered three. If it's too high and his own it could be quarter quarter half. It could be quarters. It could be covered to you all this like that you know. How much stuff do you gotta know. And as you're describing all that mark two things pop to my one. I have newfound empathy for these young quarterbacks and just the sheer volume of what they're trying to process and why they must feel like just completely overwhelmed at times and i have a newfound appreciation and awe for the quarterbacks who play at the highest level that they've mastered all this that they can process it and then by the way you know what you see pre snap and then what they play. Post nap is usually different than you anticipate. And if you're in a play action situation man you're turn your back to it so what you saw pre snap you turn your back back around and there and something completely different you gotta be able to process that instantly and.

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