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This year's british open perhaps gave viewers a look at the future of golf robots. The mother putter can drive a ball over three hundred fifty yards and make putts of up to thirty feet with a ninety percent accuracy rate. The robot was shooting a respectable one under par during its demo round before a ball flew into a water hazard when attempting to retrieve the ball the robot electrocuted itself and was set ablaze. When asked about their feelings on this innovation members of country club in virginia were not for it. One patron said they're taking over golf. What's next hockey squash sailing. We're not given the membership here. That's for sure. When asked why he had such animosity for robots. He responded robots what robots. Oh look. I'm not racist. I voted for obama once he then ended the interview. So here your choices. Something finally got us really interested in golf this last week. Was it from tombo debt. The story of how a woman who knew nothing about golfer much else became a sensation as she broadcast british open. Was it from maeve. How british open on the final. A fart machine was set off an attempt that failed to distract the ultimate winner from his quest or from hari kondabolu. How they tried out a golf robot. That might have gone on to win if it hadn't ventured into a water hazard with these is real story of golf being fun. I think i'm gonna go with me. It's not just because. I think it's an entertaining story. But also because he has a really cool. Fsu does so. Your choice is made story while we spoke to an actual golf journalist to tell us what happened. He standing over his tee shot and all of a sudden year. Whoopie cushion on the tee box. That was nick. Hausky is a senior editor at golf magazine. Who reported on the story of the fart machine thrown onto the final t at the british open. You were right. It wasn't just moves accent. She was telling the truth mostly about what happened. Congratulations you've earned a point for maeve and you have one hour prize. The voice of anyone. You may choose on your voicemail. Congratulations thank you so much. Thank you so much by by a now the game where we ask very very smart people very dumb questions. It's called not my job. We assume the united kingdom has a shortage of celebrities. Because if they didn't.

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