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And sometimes we get so locked out we think social media locks us it locks us out and people look at the lives i think that we're think about you think about the life that you think anthony bourdain was living think about the life you think kate spade was living that you think maybe they were living because the money and the prestige and the power in the social circles in the fame think about the life that you think chris cornell was living anthony bourdain called it his dark genie and he said that his dark genie followed him throughout his life and that's when he would look in the mirror he would remember his daughter and he would see a life we're saving the regular it's the part of the brain that's two million years old it's one of the reasons why people numb with heroin alcohol whatever that is cocaine pot you numb the mig ula and the problem is when you numb that thing the frontal cortex in the front of your brain that controls your control center you shut that thing off in the middle of the two million euro brain takes over and that's why trauma from the past things that happened to us in the past even when we were kids that trauma can become drama as we get older and then sometimes it can overtake us and whatever was happening in his life it overtook him and let me just say this i know a lot of times people feel like when someone commits suicide that they are the most selfish people in the world and i i know that i used to feel that way too i dated a girl by the name of lord in dallas texas in a number of years after dating lauren took her life it made me look into suicide and learn more about suicide and why people commit suicide and why lauren and she took her life in the same way that k did in the same with that anthony did the exact same thing and that's where i learned about pain that's where i learned about despair that's where i learned about people see a light at the end of the tunnel and they hope is trained in the hope that train hits them and runs them over.

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