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Yea really really really lovely player. Nice chat repugnant. Vibe isn't live borrow shuzo always just this unbelievable player international tournaments or seem to have like three to five goals and one tournament of shaved heads. Next have really long hair. Yes exactly new tournament really remember that. Didn't he utah. Divide what haley. What's my bad for this storm. All right going will give us a run free from Okay so we have ingo. Of course jon rich don't remember. We have shoehorn spinach. Zola of right back alongside his countryman collini higher mcguire and lakeshore. Say you've got a nice kind of representation of the final there. Three italians in the back. Five and two englishmen. Then we've got papa. Everyone's favorite passwords bull genia and petrie. No one's if you have that midfield. No one's going to be able to get the ball. You could have a team of and they would struggle to get the pool. Wouldn't and we got. He'd yet totally just unbelievable players. We have patrick schick plan number nine with flanking either side ryan sterling and federico. Keyser love that. Buzz saw nothing up. I feel like we've done a badge. New of nice and all uefa as we would reloaded category. Maybe it should be fugitives. Men's ma'am of the tournament. And i didn't mean that kind of sex way but just manner for tournament in terms of personal You know. I don't know what the right. What is siemian. Care iago denmark and the whole Relationship be housed with chris erickson and his actions on that day and the actions of the danish players on that day led by care he was an example from south his country and all of europe and not moment i think and also conducted himself pretty afterwards and played a great tournament as well get on here. Yeah i'm absolutely with your taylor. Yeah i feel like this. Tournament showed so much humanity and some great about football like dead from of germany wanting to do the alan green and the rainbow light. Think of jam. New england there were two captains wearing rainbow..

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