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Is James flips it over his head in the ball goes careening to the other end as we listen to Sean Kelly and PJ in that first game. I think for getting a bit of that as well. That's right. A little rusty here. I came out of the break six seven days offer a lot of these teams. Looks a little ragged. Income the rockets with. Rivers on the inbound, Chris Paul setting the screen all takes his band around the screen. Great big green down the lane on a beautiful cut, Gerald. What is he doing in the pan? He does. Here's the other way. As the Lakers get within one. It's funny. You mentioned that on Gerald green. At some point. He was shooting. Eighty-one percent of his shots were threes were three this down to sixty four percent again a game early in the season. He took fifteen shots. Fifteen three all three Austin rivers with rockets at one point late two and a half to go in the first rivers to the free throw line shoots a floater high in the air bring some rain and goes down Pickering land in LA yesterday. What's going on? Here is near a lottery, California. Here's model mid range j overshot the Red River saves it on the baseline rockets with some pace bring it up in a three point lead to fifteen to go in the first Paul goes through the lane a little fancy move elbow. Jumper from the face misses. A loose. Ball foul is the name was going for it. Contagious. Caldwell-pope nearly took him off his feet there. And we get to a timeout here at Staples Center to twelve left first quarter Houston.

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