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And welcome back. We have Pamela from Lumine photon for light pats and blue light pats reviewed e and regeneration. We have course big sale coming up the end of the week, which is our fourth of July sale. Also, the first of July sale whereas starts with over the weekend candidate on July first rate, sue, for at least week, probably actually more. And you saved Semper sent including on the looming photon machines and Oliver supplements. Nothing else on the hyperbaric chambers, or any of the other things. Some of them are stuff like our water systems are always ten percent off, but big sales, and this is a biggie now. Why Lumine photon import because your body communicates? Yourselves communicate with light infrared light. In fact, a little Tele marinated chromosomes infrared intent is I interesting. I think it's fascinating. Now, I'm chemist. I d inorganic chemistry and radio toxicology. My PNC project was studying marinas, Greg's of Sedaka policy ACA, right and doing into studies tracking what people don't understand. Is that the body communicates all living things by inferred life? So, in fact, if you look at the Russian dolls the outside of the big doll is an infrared light doll the talks jeans Intel's, which jeans, trait, structural proteins and enzymes. And the next all inside that is actually turning on messenger, Ernie to make structural proteins, and enzymes and what I call origami DNA, which is how take the piece of paper. If you're Japanese origami expert and can folded into a little tiger Dougie, or, or bird, if you really good at our gammy. Well, the body does that and it doesn't hierarchy. And what happened is we use aluminum. It does a couple of things react, the top releases nitric oxide delivers oxygen tissue. It raises a redux of the Celso charges them up. So the signal to noise ratio between your telomere and your eye on channel Stolpen up and turn on structural. Proteins, enzymes increased it raises energy in the cell was eighteen entity h it lowers inflammatory cited kinds infected on the study at a hospital at a medical system where they found it lowered c reactive protein by putting it over the kidneys. Ngo Tinton earning anti this relates hypertension. So it does lossing across the board now. Doctor knows year who's not only signs but he's also medical intuitive. Intuitively know certain frequencies were good for certain organ tissues. Because when the baby's developing on the what's called the note accord, and the end plate before it, actually organized, heart, after so many weeks a couple of weeks and the final, Gordon spinal nerves in the eyes and everything developed. So. Each tissue is we call on Taj. Italy is specific type like skin and nervous system, are actually of the same class of tissue your skin, and your spinal cord in your personal nerves central nerves in your brain your eyes, and ears are all basically one Gupta, tissue and interesting. The frequency is very close to the frequency for gold and gold, by the way, attached to the history, proteins, your Dina amplify frequency, and they interesting. It's called ancient ancient therapist, including my ancestor mush Moses, who was supposed to be the pharaoh us adopted by the Pharaoh's daughter. Was was in all the ancient doctors could make what's called Oruma, which is a gold fault. Now, the oceans are full of gold. You can extract at two hundred fifty dollars nounce gold out of the oceans, because without goal basically a lifeforms wouldn't exist increases the signal to the DNA frequency. Four is the frequency for all internal organs. You've owls liver kidneys. All your internal organs are based on frequency four and fifty five is all your glands. Your Parasad your Siro, your testes ovaries your hands. So it all works together. Interesting. Now, the new info time has Nico, which combination frequencies, and discovered. This combination was good. And I'm going over studies. We've talked about over a couple of years that it can reverse Nika, which is Kevin nations around your teeth can actually regenerate your gums, and your bone. So if you lost your teeth and got lots of bulb because he had infection there. This actually over time, actually reverse the need free to do a cadaver Grafton here in Utah. So you can have titanium pulse and putting artificial teeth. And also good for the Nikkei, African secrets sequence or the new one. Now, we're going to cycle through L fifties is very stimulatory to actually stimulate your production of new bone. So if you've got osteopathy a- and your decks, Avante scan says, you got a very weak l four vertebrae and right surgical mecca hip, because that balloon Pat over it, and along within yourself and bone generator myself. Michael D to fully McKay to college max. You're going to grow new bone really quick. So it can reverse Hoste process. You won't end up with a compression fracture of broken hip. Now what I'm working with. Deborah TEK is in and we're going to hopefully get back here back from them. I'm building device that we're gonna I'm gonna sell directly. It's not gonna go, so you guys, but it's, it's going to be basically frequency machine. And what they'll do is simply interface with Lumine pads. So he would set on frequency, three every second frequency will be one of the ones I selected might be four minerals. Otago three Michael frequency three mineral one if you're gonna see three mineral too frequently three minerals street, and it's like it was pretty fast basically, fractions of the second, so you won't see anything different. But there'll be different frequencies, Italy, and train the tissue to turn D channels on to let the mineral turn on genes, structural proteins and times. And every disease state has fingerprint in a target tissue of either a mineral deficiency, or a minute of lock gates. Jay minerals, for example, in hair turns grey, you're gonna mineral block aid where the cells hair follicles allow manganese and make manganese dependent big on enzymes in hair GIO, turns pain is basically, the gray hair thesis, I call it great here, theorem. Is that every disease state is fingerprint of structural protein and anti. Deficiencies related to the cross talk between your telomeres, and you're on channels. Regulate gene induction. Sue messenger dressing. Now, Lou INVOKANA conference is better than almost anything and it's also portable, which is really cool. I have it on my an area by now and anything that I find about it is you can so portable you can be an airline seat because you have backer jolt. If you're a long fight, you can have your car plug input on area. You can be walking around battery pack and put it on air. Everybody just switch it on because goes for thirty minutes and flicked back again. I used to go to sleep and what I discovered here over here. Go computers. Now I call it. My buddy is the one eighty pad which has velcro strap. I take a ton of them because I'm so hyper that the average person if he took what I take would probably go into semi Coleman into baited. I'm not really exaggerating. I mean, giving example on an average night, I'd take three to four or five each DP cross by VR, we converted to take which helps you make serotonin melatonin. I take at least three stress to go in the evening. Midtech repeating and take it again. Evening. When I go to bed, and I'd take on average, six to seven time release melatonin. Okay, which one milligram of media and four milligram slow. So the average person I took that they'd be, they'd be sleeping awfully need, right? But many nights if I'm hyper enough, or unfortunately, if I had my son makes foods spicy because I'm Hyperion who actually don't need much leave. I'm like Edison. When I was in medical school, residency. I get along with two three hours, four hours sleep, no problem. So what I worked in hospitals, for example, back in ninety seven I work all day long in the office, and then go work in the intensive care unit. Most of the night, and get a couple of hours of sleep, Anita chunk dried out cold pizza eleven o'clock at night. Most people try to keep up with me would die. You're not going keep you are not going to keep up with Dr deal. I'm like Addison. I have the ability now I got I gotta get seeped. It'd be healthy. So I forced myself supplements, but the looming photon homeless feet, buddy, 'eternal dancing on wrap around my head around my eyes and everything. And we usually five minutes after those blue red lights are on my brain says, I'm stimulating ridiculous, activating system, you're going to sleep. Right. Which I think is kind of is actually kind of funny to me that. Stimulatory like red light would actually make me. Actually get a return of my sleep pattern, which I find kind of interesting, isn't it? Right. I think so. Yeah. So, so that's what I find amazing. Now. We're trying to expand it. Luma photon can turn off droid information. You gotta sorta joy you can slap these pads on boom, take ourselves too, because you'll get much better effect like inflammatory arse riddick's intend to join performance but you put the pads on, I think every dental, recoveries syllabi every plastic surgery, general surgery were some recovering the coming out of the recovery room, after they come into the operating room every single one of these places should have Lumine pads on the nurse. Actually just why you're laying there semi awake or, you know, semi conscious slapped the pads on your scar. So when you wake up, you don't need to morphine. Does that make sense? They're talking about debris about the drug addiction, and people with chronic pain. Well, there's nothing like aluminum photon for turning pain. It's crazy. You can put this on any part of your body and in matter of minutes by viruses. I'm outta here. And I've actually had little when I was traveling last year Tober travel to flagstaff, which is really high altitude, and I had a flare of Donald Payne. I chase I had the little portable Lumine pan. I had one of those women ninety pads we call the pain. What do you call those things of ninety one to call them the pain blocker or something? Ninety. Yeah. I actually size your hand and cheese said abdominal pain, ready all you could have a dialogue. Tune the pain. The pain, actually, eventually said, I'm out of here. In other words, you'd be up right hand quadrant. Do around the valley and then go to refer minutes shoes. Fading, fading, fading. Got. Ooh, that's cool. And the of anything else I was things aren't working the Lumine pattern it off. Same thing you can track your pressure. You can open up your science cavities. If you're trying to fight infection with taking our nasal like a sign new polce or device neutral line. You're kind of the inflammatory garbage out of there. You're trying to heal your skin from dryest Rex. It really doesn't matter what the hectic condition is. You can apply the woman, pants almost anybody part, and they'll help speed the healing process, every home should have central heating hot and cold water shower in a tub and aluminum, Pat..

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