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I'm thirty three percents. Sure. Rick tiddle is the father of my child but I'm one hundred percent. Sure. Rick tittle is a jackass. Out Hurts my feelings. Oh my gosh. Welcome back to the show rectal with you coast to coast. They're going to look back yesterday we had a tie. Ties like kissing your sister. They used to say it all the time I was in high school football ties like kissing your sister. And we would always laugh I. Guess that's not pc anymore but I remember one guy went what does that mean? And this guy next band buses like you get to kiss a girl, but it's your sister. So doesn't count. It's like wait what. Explained to you. The Eagles are hosting the bengals. Now everybody. Got This game. Wrong. Show me the person that predicted a tie. No one ever predicts I if you did. You need to get in the car and go to a casino right now Carson Wentz two more interceptions in this game but you'll borough through for over three hundred yards two touchdown passes and zero interception. Joe Borough. Capped team from losing. That's what it was in his first win now and I'm sure that's frustrating for him. Earl said, this is a loss to me. We didn't win. That's all it is to me. If you don't win, you'll lose. That's the mindset for me. I like it. Now They were looking at Ellen three start where the eagles. And wentz drove the eagles seventy five yards down the field in the final three minutes. And he had to get it done and he said tying fun. It's an awkward Awkward Way to end the game. Acura Taylor the. Head coach of the Broncos, Broncos bengals he said I've never tied in my life so feel strange for sure I. Know It sure as Hell doesn't feel like we won. That's what I can tell you for. Sure. But you know whence ran for one he actually ran for sixty five yards. When the Bengals took the lead by one seventeen, sixteen in the third quarter borough completed all seven of his passes for seventy eight yards. Up, third down conversions and a four yard touchdown, pass the Higgins. wentz was picked by Leshan Sims on the ensuing possession. The bengals took over at the forty four they gotta fill. And with three minutes left there it was twenty three to sixteen. Jalen hurts or the? Eagles had to have him took a snap out of the shotgun with wins lined up at wide receiver. Why are they did get a first down on it They just have to do it, but once has thrown. except. Three Straight Games. It never done that in two straight games before the season he stone seven interceptions. It's It's pretty insane. When says I gotTA BE BETTER I know that Burrow, he got sacked eight times in fact are Brandon Brandon? Graham had two apiece. Taylor said we just can't have a free run a defensive lineman come cleaned every single time. That's something we've got to fix right away. Well. Angles Receiver John or awesome for him the fastest guy on draft from Washington. Ninth Overall Pick. He didn't play. And he was healthy. Yeah to catches the first two games and he's going to be a free agent after the year, and you just have to wonder if this is some sort of Mike Brown mind game with him. I mean, you think about the eagles staff to go to. San. Francisco. Santa Clara next week. and. That's not going to be fun for them. I just I don't see it happening and that's because the niners are good. Team I. I predicted the Niners to win that game even though we knew. There was no Garoppolo and no kettle and no. You know for the season now both and company, they're gonNA play on a field that they hated. That I said, they had enough on the run game and they had enough defensively to get it done and nick mullins stepped up admirably. Ended up throwing the ball thirty six times. You don't let a guy throw ball thirty, six times unless you have some faith in. Him. He did throw a touchdown pass. which was great for him. He threw a touchdown pass to. Wilson ended up with no picks three, hundred and forty three yards. Here's Daniel Jones. The through thirty two times seventeen of thirty two. Basically fifty percent no touchdowns and a pick. Now, here's the thing. No saquon Barkley. It was going to be tough for the giants who are Oh and three. So the dumb thing is they're going to be people who are saying that mullins. Is Better Than Garoppolo Look at this point, just win the game that's gotTa worry about it, and you can get into your quarterback controversy. But now we saw last year or two years ago and has to play a lot. And Kyle Shanahan. It wear a mask he got fined one hundred K.. As did gruden some other coaches for not doing it? Shanahan said we pulled together throughout the week. I just got a really good energy and vibe from the guys. and. Nick, mullins was really poised. So as I mentioned what the Niners, how they get the eagles coming over, and then the giants go to Los Angeles. And face the rams for the first time since nineteen, ninety, four but that. All right. Let's go to my man up there in Michigan. Got Robert How you doing Robert. While you make. What's up being it could be in. A medic. Michigan. America. Exchange. Yeah, good, day to you. I just wanted to maybe revert to a show from last week you had on the gale Sayers interview, and then little bit later you had. A press writer from Washington kind had these spontaneity sponsor spontaneous sports glimpses. You know it's kind of magical things. That kind of stuck with me I was thinking about those over the weekend even. Oh. Really. It's kind of you know we can always just. So you know turn on sportscenter and reading scores and games but when you kind of get. On Nettie, it's kind of it's kind of. Its own life in a way. All spontaneous on this show. Yeah? Yeah. Good deal. Also the Miami Heat. My, I'm having a guard there. Kendrick Nunn he played for a little while and Golden State. He might have had a cup of coffee and Golden State. This. To? You? Jean for the most part. I forgot if he did play tell you the truth. Yeah He. Well. He matriculated where I related at Oakland University. University which is in Michigan. Exactly right near the Palace of Auburn Hills. We always hear about them right around March madness. They always seem to have a pretty good basketball program. Well. It's a mid major in the league. Doesn't really move the needle to much Players into the pros and and you're like my school Saint Mary's mid.

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