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Welcome to the landscape podcast. Thanks for having me now. I have to start by apologizing for not being the world's podcast host. You have a new book out called drunk about alcohol and its historical cultural history and things like that so the typical thing would be for me to invite you on the podcast to talk about that yet. I'm not doing that because for a while now. I really wanted to talk more about ancient chinese philosophy because we already had shoddy bartsch on the show talking about how chinese people read ancient greek philosophy plato aristotle and so forth but we haven't really talked about the chinese voss. Yeah i know. You're an expert in that but i thought that just to start. I mean i wanna know how it all fits together. You've written a book about alcohol. You've written scholarly work. About ancient chinese philosophy. You also have a web project on comparative religions. And you've been involved in modern psychology and neuroscience and so forth. Do you think that all of this works sort of falls under umbrella theme or is it just what you happen to think is interesting at the time it all fits together if you squint. Look at it from far enough away so there. There's a strange connection between my early. Chinese philosophy work and the latest book on alcohol so one of the themes that i'm interested in early. China is idea way or effortless action. I argue this is going way back to my dissertation argued that if you look at these other otherwise disparate appearing confucian taoist in early china. What they all have in common is they wanna get you into the spiritual state. That's called way which literally means doing or no trying. No striving that. I translated as effortless action. It's a state. Where you you lose a sense of yourself as an agent. You lose a sense of time slot being in the zone and i talk about parallels with chicks march chicks may is idea flow dissimilar from flow..

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