Bill Buckley, Donald Trump, Barry Goldwater discussed on The Larry Kudlow Show


Nova good journalism fellowship program near produced firing line for very long time his book is skirmishes so we're just kind of having some intellectual fun here because i have read the book i will and i am ready yet as kind of asked you what bill buckley would've thought about donald trump at neil actually i'm interested in what you think of donald trump well i i supported him i think he he was my uh seven two choice republican uh but once it became a binary choice between him and hillary i i had no problems supporting trump i think uh i think we're at a really interesting moment just as barry goldwater was indispensable at the big beginning of the conservative clarke uh think of goldwater as boisterous adolescence i think you go through the full flowering of maturity with reagan under the tutelage of uh of buckley you then wobble through the bush forty three by the time we get the pro p breaks all the furniture two justices goldwater head of all all of the intellectual furniture what what he does what trump does is reveal the weakness in the conservative coalition what goldwater it done at the outset of the conservative cycle was to reveal the weaknesses the structural prov blooms in the liberal coalition and and so i think uh it behooves all of us to figure out how we fashioned the post trump uh era so that it conducive and end up lifts conservative values and the huge you're in the sweet spot larry because you know fusion has amassed three legs on the stool strong national defence uh traditional values free market economy.

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