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Is the big show. And it's clean water Wednesday on the big show. On, Kirkwood community colleges campus today in our hostess Scott earned the Dean of the Agriculture School here. A Nice enough to host us for Expo last year and let us come back. So first of all, thank Scott for Lennon's back on campus it's always a pleasure to host. The big show here Kirkwood absolutely, and we love being here. Of course, means alarm. It's like old home week coming back here and where it all began. You guys do some great work as we've been talking about with our friends at the National Association the corn growers. Association practical farmers in the Soil Health Partnership here all designed around improving water quality and really here in the perfect location to do it. Because you're sort of on the edge of the urban area, the benefits and can show what the rural folks are doing to help. Yeah. That blend of of the urban rural population here for we're right on the edge cedar rapids. We've got some perfect opportunities to showcase modern agriculture production. You know we we believe in in PR, protecting our our water and soil resources there my team folks here have partnered with. Organizations such as Iowa corn growers. In the National Health Partnership there to enhance our curriculum curriculum showcase in a farming practices, and in protecting our environment at the same time, and that work is partially responsible for being named the top ex school in the country here. Right and we're very proud of that to be one of the top community colleges in the nation here. we have strong faculty. That deliver an excellent curriculum were preparing that future generation of workforce to go out and agriculture absolutely in one of those excellent faculty that you're talking about his shushing the the the head dude when it comes to grammy the The all knowing plant scientist I guess Thanks for the kind words but when you go through the last couple of years of wet and wind. All bets are off on trying to predict what these crops are going to do, and that's about right but presents learning opportunity tolstoy. Absolutely. That's the Nice thing about working here at Kirkwood is even when Mother Nature kind of deals us. A unique situation it does give us a unique learning opportunity. We're able to talk to students about dealing with situations whether that's too much water wind drought etcetera. So what'd you learn this year with your soil health partnership trials you know you know I think Travis probably talked about it a little bit You know the the benefit of having those cover crops that windstorm really seem to play some benefits We noticed there Steph went better standard building, some of those spots where we had cover crops and I think better yield. As. Well, when you go back and look at the date and really start tearing it apart. But at least you know from the first trip that field we definitely saw benefit from it. So now, what Lisa was talking about understanding that the next steps role is that we all have to embrace you guys have obviously embraced the role in terms of caring for the environment absolutely saly helping to improve water quality and music means that we'll have to end the conversation there for now, but it's been great to be here today guys. Thanks again. Jesse Nickens Scott the Dean College Becker Culture here at Kirkwood community college make thanks to Leeson. And Dustin and all the folks here at Kirkwood for hosting us on a clean water Wednesday. Water and I was starts here wherever you are and we all have a role to play today Lynn County on the big show..

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