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Filing a lawsuit call for a free legal consultation at 1 807 36 21 100 That's 1 807 36 21 101 807 36 21 100 k R FX HT to Denver. Okay. How news time? 10 03 Denver will soon have designated campsites for the city's homeless where Hancock says the coroner virus pandemic has led to an uptick in that population segment that has led to increased number of on sanction camp sites throughout the city of Denver, the number of encampments and the public health and safety risk to people living in these encampments and to the neighborhoods. Has reached a tipping point. City leaders are also pushing 1/4 of a percent sales tax increase. If you're looking for something to do for the Fourth of July weekend, don't look to Clear Creek and golden, the city's shut down access due to concerns over covert 19. City manager Jason Slowinski says. That's because of large crowds with no masks and no social distancing last weekend, it creates what could be a hotbed for the spread of Coven 19 and that's our primary concern. The creek is shut down indefinitely in Golden Despite the ongoing covered 19 pandemics, feet out, still expecting a significant increase in traffic on the state's highways over the holiday weekend, they're asking drivers to travel safely and follow healthcare precautions. That's the latest I'm Chad Hoffman. No impact traffic Thiss report is sponsored by ACE the helpful place. Let's start off with the good news improvements in the Aurora Dr. Looks like that road workers wrapped up south found 2 25 approaching Mississippi traffic flow back up to speed on that stretch on the west Side of town, though gotta crash involving a motorcycle on the westbound side of C 4 70 near Bulls. Right shoulder block, seeing some curiosity. Backups there earlier accident down South South Bound I 25 after Ridge Gate that's been cleared out of the way. It looks like traffic flow is getting back up to speed on that stretch. So good news on that section. The forecast could be sunny and hot today with a high near 94 right now fair skies in Denver and 76 with your impact traffic and.

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