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Boston's news radio, Thanks last hour to two Heroes to hero police officers who almost lost their lives in the line of duty. Bob DiNapoli of Woburn and Mario Olivera of Somerville. You know, all of our hours are posted a TTE nightside onto me and dot com so Feel free to Ah, Just check it out. Night side on demand. Rob, I assume that we're getting the hours posted again. I know that we had about a week there where There was nobody around a post. But am I correct when I say that? People just don't I'm just double check for me When you get a chance. At some point, you could listen to past shows and then go back, and they're all sort of in reverse order, meaning at the top of the list of the latest shows we've had posted Again with the short staffing that like, I guess most organizations have had that. I just want to make sure I want you to go there anyway. Let me put it like that also would appreciate if you like night side on Facebook. We have a page that I'd love you to, like just W busy night side. With Dan Ray. Now we've talked about, um, two hero police officers and again if you'd like to support that organization, it's a Viper v i p 09 11 dot org's Viper V i p 0911 dot organ That is 80 Ah, five Owen c three charity, which means that would become a A deduction. Charitable deduction for you on your federal tax returns next year, so Ah, a couple of stories that are kind of police. Well, they are police related thiss. What is a little lighter than what we talked about last hours were just to kind of change the mood a little bit. But it just shows you how police they have no idea what they're going to deal with on any given day, so there's a story Um Out of Hopkinton, Massachusetts. When what do you think of when you think of Hopkins and you think about the Boston Marathon and Hey, Hop. Keegan, Hopkinton couple Thie, as reported by the Metro West Daily News were accused of walking their dog naked. No, not their dog. They were walking their dog while they were naked and reportedly fought with police when they were being arrested. The witch will missed wit, Trow, the Metro West Daily News reported. The 32 year old Mario Mariel Kinney, a 30 year old Kevin Pinto were allegedly walking down Hayden Roe Street, which I think is very close. If my memory serves to the start of the marathon. In the nude early Monday morning. With their dog named Lucy. There is no detail that spirit in this story where police responded to the scene around 6 30 in the morning. The sun is up, Okay? It's morning time, folks. We're not not three o'clock in the morning in your yard. Officers found both Kinney and Pinto completely naked. Police told the newspaper. That couple is accused of yelling and swearing and authorities after being questioned. What would you expect when asked whether they were okay and why they were walking in the nude? The couple also said they did not want to answer or spoke in coherently. The news outlet reported the two individuals, police claimed Then ran away from the officers when they were told they were going to be arrested, according to the Daily News was kind of wild, Hopkinton police chief Joseph Bennet told the newspaper. It wasn't the typical day in Hopkinton. That's for sure. They were buck naked. The violent struggle. A violent struggle ensued when authorities caught up with the pair there naked. I assume that It wasn't a long foot chase. Let's put it like that, the Daily News reported. Kimmy and Pinto are accused of striking officers multiple times and one policeman was even taken to a nearby hospital with minor injuries. He has since been released. Be hopping. Khun top couple had been charged or have been charged with indecent exposure, assault and battery on a police officer, disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, according to the newspaper. They were expected to be arraigned in Framingham District Court on Monday. The Daily News reported. No word on the dog Lucy was it Lucy the dog. Yeah. Lucy, the dog. If anyone any look That that that's not a life setting a threatening situation, but You just never know again that is in Hopkinton. Now in Cambridge. The Boston Herald reports this morning and this is the one that I would really like to talk about. Cambridge proposal to use unarmed civilians for traffic cops instead of police is beyond dangerous, Rick So he's the writer proposal in Cambridge to explore shifting Traffic stop duties away from police officers to Unni, unarmed civilians would be beyond dangerous. The president of the Massachusetts major city chiefs of Police Tells the Herald the Cambridge City Council policy order. From two counselors comes amid the national Movement for police reform in and into systemic racism after the death of George Floyd in Minnesota. But any changes to police departments have to be reasonable, said Brian Keys, president of the Massachusetts Major. City chiefs of police. My God, I wouldn't want a family member having the duty of an ARN. Armed civilians. Stopping of cars have keys to Chelsea police Chief. This is beyond dangerous. You just never know what you're going to be met with. We can't put people in unnecessary danger, and that's what this would be. The Cambridge proposed policy, reads quote the city manager. Look into transferring primary traffic.

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