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In the that's richard towson her ninetieth birthday party to doesn't seem like a huge affair just family and friends for gigi richard was both and jerry with me with her law let me be her family at you often great we're rages early care we're going to remain down through here are going is over me i've talked to a lot of people that richard they all pretty much agree that richard ghost in the public is one thing richard ghosting his friends it was close ones is another but richard ghosting jiri it's alarming i mean she is such a wonderful person makeup and and he was driving other class and stuff like they were so close accompanied just he drove in a class oh yeah not nine in the winner and yeah it could start you know you can't see oh yeah so he would prefer up to cherry serve at least ten i love you i need to do this for myself has nothing to do with you at ninety some on years old in yeah anybody it deserves just thirty second phone call she would be the one but jiri never got the call with that this is a cure in in the roses would throw it even as she showing me the little garden honor terrorists she still looking for answers watching our anything i think people were worried about him i really i missed you're telling the last time the huge drove i once a nice i like it was open and you when i'm not on the door yeah i think i did and they did that i wish there but it didn't make it carter co of difference you think i should try to find richards and i big you're playing do you think i should try to find richard i wish you just i wish you that's right.

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