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This her in states the protests now must three weeks we got a make America I'm comfortable like we there has been a significant amount of criticism of the use of tear gas and flash grenades to clear peaceful protesters from a park near the White House Monday so that president trump could walk to a nearby church where he held up a Bible in front of cameras Monday night the president and First Lady went to the Saint John Paul the second national shrine in Washington a Catholic facility and sort of think tank but the archbishop of Washington Wilton Gregory called allowing the visit baffling and reprehensible John Paul certainly would not condone the use of tear gas and other deterrents to silence scatter or intimidate protesters what happened when the night with the National Guard leading the charge to clear Lafayette park is also baffling to DC mayor Muriel Bowser I didn't see any provocation that what warrant the deployment of munitions especially for the purpose of moving a precedent across the street the president is trying to get governors to use guard members to crackdown on protests around the nation Bob Costantini Washington the corona virus numbers in New York state continue to look good number of hospitalizations are down number of new covert cases walking in the door is at an all time low one hundred and fifty four one hundred and fifty four congratulations to the people of the state of New York look at what you did look at the progress you made god.

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