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The chief was receptive to that, like he was willing after a little bit to listen and change his mind and that had to be really hard for him. Yeah, because if you think about it, like. His anger comes from warranted place. Oh, definitely. So it's one of those situations where like the white man quote. Has basically forced him to be the way he is. Yeah. I mean, there's no real other way for him to act because it's either I stand my ground in act the way that I'm acting or I give everything up, and that's not a fair situation to put anybody in ever. But as we know, Davies advocate for them, chief red stick didn't see that at first, but thankfully did after they and I like how his chief red six way to like settle. It was too like literally fight not. Well, I mean potentially fatally, but who knows if he would have stopped right before been like get out of here, kind of like what David with him or like David could have killed him. But then said, no, I'm not gonna do that, right? Which I think proved to the chief like, okay, the sky means that he really does want to help us right? He didn't come in secrets out to kill us like the other way. Right. Do the, he recognized the good. Listen, Devi. I'm going to put him in slithering though because I think that it's his business, his super ambitious to. Be able to. Make hard decisions be a leader for his people. In the decision he's making. Any Klux human scopes. Yeah, that there's a little. There's a little. Snakes. I do. Alrighty. Favorite parts of the movie and favorite character. We're going to do them together. So mine is Davy, which I think I've basically said, why in the character analysis of him, he is progressive. He's an advocate for the Indians. He does what he thinks is right. Needs to do. And I think that my favorite scene is definitely when he comes back into congress and gives that speech about why they shouldn't pass this Bill. Is just in powering to hear somebody who normally would never have a voice in congress. Like he definitely was not the normal type of person who would have been elected to congress. Right, right. Sometimes he comes in and like that and is not an his frontier out. Yeah. So, and that's why people like him. But the fact that he was able to have a voice in congress, all the way back in the eighteen hundreds is awesome angry. Davies, my favorite to for all the things we said. And that's also my favorite scene because you know, he gets tip off that this is gonna happen immediately leaves what he's doing goes, don't even know how far trusts George right away. Yeah. When George comes in and says, h- you need to get out of here. Yeah, comes in, doesn't listen to want to buy a saying, no. Get out on my way. I I need to. I need to talk doesn't as as me like you're not my kind of politician or something like something along those lines. Any like throws him at George? George, the George catches them any yet. Wrong. Oh, but my other favorite scene just because it was hilarious to me MAG is one. I don't remember who is finding, but Davies, like in the scuffle and always he's finding Bigfoot and Vic foot grabs lake. Some stand off the ground throws Davies. Davies reactions. So who's like. Way. So fake also. All right. My turn. My favorite is also no Spurs Davey I think he's just like that guy that you want to root for. That's why everybody loved the movie..

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