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Silver Diner right here on W T O P. Yes, indeed. It's 11 28 traffic and weather on the AIDS. We have read a Kessler in the W T o P Traffic Center. Well in Maryland Hagerstown area. Just keep a heads up for eastbound. I 70 near. I 81 I'll try. Currently stopped for the crash. Eventually, you should be under police direction, but now no one is moving in the area of eastbound I 70 and I 81 good news on 2 70 years. South Outlook's good coming from I 70 all the way to the lane Divide on the either loop of the Beltway. No sign of anything between 80 and Havana and the clock struck truck weigh station getting across the Bay Bridge. The eastbound span of the bridge. The right lane of two is blocked with the work in the westbound spans, running two way traffic north on Connecticut Avenue between Dean Road and independent. Street. The work on the right side 75 year Copper Mine Road had been a report of erect that's in liberty to town while in Virginia Watch for the delays on North bound 95 near Worth three in Fredericksburg, Crossing the rapid panic to 17. The good news is the crash that was on the left side has been moved over to the right shoulder. But there is enough activity there on the right shoulder to draw attention. Traveling should be open. After that. It looks good all the way across the Aqua Kwan into Springfield, South bound 95 slows in Newington toward the Fairfax County Parkway that may be a mobile Work crew while eastbound 66 has delays after Nutley Street headed past the Beltway toward Route seven that work on the right side and north bound 3 95 souls getting onto the inbound 14th Street bridge with the work in the right lane, 1 23. The ramp to the South bound George Washington Parkway is blocked until two o'clock this afternoon for some emergency work in the district. Not a bad trip. Still seeing a delay on D C to 95 both ways in the area of Benning Road, so watch for work in each direction. It's window nations by to get two Windows free sale, Plus put no money. Now make no payments and pay no interest for 24 months. 866 90 Nation or visit window nation dot com. I'm Rita Kessler. W T o P traffic. Beautiful day here. Let's see what's happening with Storm Team Force. Lauren Rickets Hi C J reaching into the mid to upper sixties still running below normal over average of 75 finally getting that mid day sunshine but will cloud up again here and they're after about three p.m..

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