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The response has been wild. As, you may know recently, it's very personal things about my life including the diagnosis of my son on the autism spectrum. The support I've received from my listeners who have helped to start to educate myself. said, he'd be links on articles giving personal advice. How can you be so great to be? I hope in my heart that I can provide you some value. The positive feedback to my poetry has stood so much from our soul. and the kindness receive online. I can hardly perceive it. Might goals. This year are huge. At time is moving so fast. A quite anxious about the future, but I'm learning to be patient. You guys by now all about and I love you to catch. Incredibly. Proud of every episode I've put out there. Episode six, nine and fourteen on the best to get to Nobie however. All of my episodes, our full of wonderful inspiration, storytelling, poetry music, and voices you all to joy. Thank you for being here with me. My Passion for Classic Literature? The incredible feedback from people and children I thought here with. I'm trying to influence many be intimidated. Less spy obscure. Texts. By love interest of human nature, natural apprehension of creating art. These are all my deepest desires share with you all. Inspire all ages and backgrounds. To hopefully promote any bit who love and respect for one another. and to realize how powerful should could beat our lives. Always hold true to my values of honesty and selflessness. By sole purpose is to inspire you. I don't want to digress too much. So I'll save the rest of my thanks to the end of the episode. Today we're GonNa hear for a Wonderful Guest Davis Marta spark the wonderful woman in power expert. I'll talk more about her before the interview but as always with your favorite read episode of going to start with an inspirational piece I've written for you all. It's a special piece about many things and. I always like you guys to take your own interpretation of it. But generally come from a place in my heart of dismay as a parrot. The love we have for our children or maybe even pets or friends. How we strive to be the best we can for them. HOW OUR LIVES CHANGE What we realize as we get older than we grow. This is a reflection of my love for my children were brothers. tied. There are his many themes throughout. And I hope you connect with the joy as much as I did ready. Like all of these writings in these episodes, it's glimpse into my heart. Will hear the piece. Here my nightmare this week. And then we'll hear from the rest of the readers from around the world about books changed their lives or spire towards physical action. I believe all swayed by literature subway. Well without anything further. Here's by piece..

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