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At this point he responded to it but at this point weird and this bond about shit. Yeah the ball apparently was desegregated. I guess back in the sixties they were like. This isn't a racist thing more. Anybody can do it. Jus can do it. people can do it. And that's basically all they said like. Wow still it was like all white people but dead jude and blackmail ever actually so. They said that they would do it. But did they know and she hasn't responded and like you said there's the rub by bitch you gotta say something like ninety nine so you weren't you were an adult technically by law. We have a nineteen year old dumb that no way and feeling it'd be a sufficient response if she just said funding something. If you live in a place like fat like and you're white you probably are very now named all like the puck in like really. Don't get it for a while until you leave or you know like but but clearly she I don't know doesn't care to respond exactly nonstop craziness of it but also yeah veiled. Prophet ball sounds creepy. Why would you be. That sounds like some weird lake. Mormon off-shoot yeah polygamy type shit like like a child bride banks hi veiled. Yeah the profit that's a. He's a prophet of christ. Fuck their that's usually always not as you were saying now. Okay pro pro fast. Making money off. Avails they're making. They have these young girls sewing veils into the wee hours of the morning. And then my last story is light hearted. It's fun tyco. Ytd and rita ora hand. Like a an. What's her name restaurant. Tessa tom i think that's thomson takeaway. Td rita ora were photocopied photographed. Doing a three way. Make out along. But now margaret was like hey takeaway td shame shame. Shame and i'm like okay. Like morals directs like the guardians of galaxies. Like other that door ragnarok. And jesus like the hottest sex life possible. It's reto ornaments. Nothing now have orgies. Like i'm sorry. They definitely have orgies like have they seen tyco way. Td tessa thompson. They're all very high high all kissing each other at the same time this let him live is this hollywood's first ripple or i don't even think it's a couple were kissing. I think it was just fun. Times a new camera. Madonna shit they were like. Wouldn't it be funny if everybody thought we were all like. You know fucking probably. That's what i want to. Yeah they were like. Let's give these people something. Let's talk about their sex tape loop. But then courtney love to come in and fucking ruined. She's just mad that she didn't think of the sex tape thing i could. You imagine if their kurt. And courtney sex tape. I don't even know nights. He might still be alive today if there was a curtain listening dan. Oh my god. But that's you know. I have other news stories. But those were basically the best. I could talk about the reboot of ben affleck and jennifer lopez's relationship all day. But that could be a whole other podcast about that. We got into a little bit in their last one too. But i'm just like man. This is awesome. Like the world really started going downhill when they broke up and now they're back together. What if things are looking up. What if ben in jaylo benefactor or jeonju as. They're calling them now. Change him in is the real in their break-up set everything into like. Oh beard retrograde. Wait a minute wait wait wait no. No one cosby affleck. Benjamin why is it ginger. Men what. I don't know i just heard it on online firm lady was like. Why does that man name has to come first. Not even thinking. It just found better. Yeah it's just for fun con a little better than any other jewelry. In the in the word benford jennifer is the dominant and it has letters of that and then just has one letter and then they he shared yes so better than everything else feminine. Let's face it. Jennifer lopez has gotta be richer them. Ben affleck oh yes big day. Yes yes. Yeah she does shows. She was at the super bowl. Yeah right yeah yes yes. She did and her. New year's eve performance was the most pandering ridiculous thing i've ever seen so i know she made money off that because she was just like everybody. I know this past year has been hard for so watch me shake my ass. It's one of my favorite. Because she was so out of breath in. Like i love it. That's my news before we move on from the trashy news. The inauguration at the inauguration loud and then everybody was like ole dot lopez. i believe. So why are you making the the inauguration loud and she's like that's what they probably here for Before we move on from tragedies news. I will say that i did. I do have a friend who not a friend. Someone that i worked with. And they fully believe that When you get offered to perform at the super bowl that's hollywood like basically kind of saying. Hey you're in now so you gotta be our puppet and do this links like a devil type thing like a looming nadi. He used the end she.

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