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Your online Sportsbook experts. What opposing class are opposing teams are saying some teams are saying Jalen Jason or no leader. Sorry. Just wait. Let me ask you walk in Tysons, or what I want to ask is because this is something that I think has been a problem and I saw, you know right away in the beginning it seemed like they corrected it but then they went back to it. It seemed like they they they started the first Court like it was before it was like chemical kind of score or as it wasn't you've been saying that all see ball around and let's get the best dryer available and that used to be or at least some times throughout the season. You see that in the best example of that was because the folks who the Toronto Raptors right 30th, six twenty-three points like those three pointers. I'm not saying this up to go out there and drive 23 is a night. But the reason why they're able to break a record between Pritchard and show me or would you lay off again? Because when the ball swinging you're looking for the best shot necessarily the best player to take those the take those open shots more likely than not you're an NBA player who can shoot threes your wide open. You're going to make those and you keep home. And teams don't respect those guys, you know Pritchard ojeleye, you know Grant Williams when he was hot cocoa rotation. No not talking. I think I I think I think one of the things to empower these guys, well, I think one of the things that happens with this team is you you you watch the possessions home and watch and see if the ball gets stuck there many times from the ball gets stuck with Kimba that definitely get stuck with Jaylin Jason. Excuse me, Jason Jalen Jalen Brown. Normally he's going to do whatever it is. He's gone. You might even lose. It usually attack. He's he's going but if you look at Jason many times, it's double dribble dribble stutter-step shake you up the New Age game and that burns minutes that burn seconds off the clock and really doesn't get you so I think wage He's a great player but he has to execute a little bit more quickly everybody involved and then the key the defense off balance if I know I'm on the other side. I'm just waiting. I'm counting. Okay, he's going to drive over again. He's going to double again. He's going to double again..

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