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Well first of all i've been around the nfl for thirty one years consultant with the forty niners for thirty one years i've also been a consultant with nba and work with the golden state warriors for ten years and have spoken to team on a couple of occasions even over the last year of all of the experiences that i've had this is probably the dumbest move that i've ever seen a league make in terms of this type of issue first of all it's consistent with a n extended own going perception in american society that black people are not creditable witnesses to their own experiences or speakers to their own motives and intents and so far the commissioner to stand up and impose on this situation a definition of targeted action that involves disrespect for the flag the soldiers and the anthem is an absolute unadulterated laugh i think roger knew that when he said it he does not a single athlete that i've talked to and i've talked to most of the protesting athletes including michael bennett most certainly erica read and colin kaepernick not one athlete has ever said i'm protesting the flag the anthem our against our soldiers it has always been a protest in the name of justice and what they're saying is that we're better than three hundred and forty eight black men women and children being shot down by police in this country since cap nick i sat down in protest of that level of injustice roger knows that but yet he stood up their mouth the words of the extreme pathological right and may this an issue of patriotism that's the first issue we are.

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