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Radio show like no other Brian Kilmeade. Whenever -ficiating part of any kind of discussion post game. It's never a good outcome. For us. Technology is not going to solve all those issues. The game is not officiated by robots. It's not it's not going to be. But we have to continue to go down that path. That is Roger Goodell every year he meets with the press. It's a free for all. And whatever question works. He's he tries to answer. The capital has been dominating it. Then there was deflate gate for a while. There was the whole tape problem where the patriots were taping questions for some reason why Roger Goodell took over I know he's made mistakes. But he also has been unlucky Tagliabue's almost had no issues. Roger Goodell has a major issue every year. Now everybody's talking about the NFC conference game with a penalty that was in its final. There wasn't called that allowed. The saints. Kick a field goal. The Rams too tight up and went in overtime. So Mark Leibovich. It's got to be high fiving everybody sees because he wrote a book called big game the NFL and dangerous times, but focused a lot about the team. He knows a lot about and that's the patriots. And it man he spent a lot of time with Tom Brady. Mark Leibovich keep national correspondent for the New York Times magazine, which is his fulltime job. Georgia's back in studio. Mark, welcome. Brian good to be here. I'd I'd high five you, but you're across the desk. You do have to be happy me. Now your books have been more relevant again. It is. Yeah. No. I look I have beautiful that timing. This is strategic planning. I I knew early near actually I look someone reminded me of this. I did an interview with Washingtonian magazine in September in which I picked the Rams and the patriots to be in. So I know what I'm talking about. Can you get my issue? Can you get my issue of Washingtonian magazine? Are you actually telling the truth? I am completely forgot about it. Someone sent it to me. Please second you got to get this out. I pick the Rams and patriots in the Super Bowl. I did actually. Yeah. Peter King, by the way of NBC did also. But I did I I like to think he copied me. Well, I think so too because you're here. I am. And he's not he's not he's to scare you can't face. You. You talked about the two they bring almost retired bring was ticked off in the off season. Correct. Yes. He was the Deflategate scandal. I think abomination I thought it was ridiculous scandal. But I'm a patriots fan. So take what I say with a grain of salt. He almost retired over that. He was so frustrated he was saying, you know, I don't need this anymore. He. Talked about it last year too mean he's talked about it periodically. And here he is back in the Super Bowl. Now, you're hearing whispers, well, if he wins the sixth Super Bowl, this might be forty one years old what does he have left to win? But he also said a couple of days ago, I want to play four or five zero zero chance of Retiro chance to retire. Yeah. You'd think family pressure wants to move on. But he does he is defying age. I'm looking at him playing the old Rams the Saint Louis Rams Super Bowl in two thousand and two thousand two looks almost the same before supermodels started wearing them out. Right. That is true. Yeah. And look you, and I know and being married to supermodels is not the easiest thing. People think it is. But they're very few people. I'm not going to go. Yes. He is an amazing career. And everyone says Mark you did this book on the NFL, you know, so much about the NFL. Why do you keep watching? There's so much controversy. And I say, look, you know, first of all talk to me when Belgium Britain retire because this is my team, and I've been spoiled and people hate me and people hate us, and we feed off the hate, by the way, I personally don't. But I think the team does. Right. I mean, there's a fan. You know? It'd be nice if we could all get along, you're not. Yeah. I respectfully say giants fans or something. The jets fans that are the problem. Come together on this. Right. But yeah, no. That's the thing about football. It's a three show gets back. I like the Commissioner beginnings in a controversial situation and people are all over him because he didn't come out until the public. I'm not reversing the game. But the saints were robbed of a huge penalty. That would have put them first Ingle. Yeah. And look the whole country. Do you think Commissioner handle a terribly terribly mostly because he didn't like the Commissioner? But I don't actually I mean, look I mean, I don't say that it's a personal disgust. But I think that he handled it very badly. I think when you go into hiding for eleven days at a time when the whole league is coming under great scrutiny. What's the job of the Commissioner job? Want us to come out and say something number to look it doesn't take much imagination to think that? Yeah. You blew it say, you blew it. And maybe even redo the plate replay the second. You can't start. Do we not do it once say, this is not a precedent? This is so agreed the whole country saw this is unfair. We have a week before the Super Bowl. No one's gonna be doing anything. Be in serious. On a Tuesday replay it from two minutes in. Yes, what give the trophy out? Well, they could take the trophy back as a patriots fan. I think would have been great. But also, Donald Trump would have been very happy one because people would be talking about the replaying of the second half coming up last weekend and not the shutdown sort of been good for him. And now, I mean, everyone it would have been the single biggest story in sports in a long time. The replay big game is aimed at the book the NFL dangerous time. So the other issue that the league wants behind him. I'm shocked that they did they stopped televising the national anthem. We didn't really hear much publicity of it. I saw the national anthem both championship games. Did not see any nealer is. If there was couldn't see were. Yeah. So Roger Goodell was asked about cabinet. Why didn't anyone signed him yet? What's going on cut forty nine? Roger anti-abortion New York Post just a follow up on that question. Why? Specifically, do you think Colin Kaepernick, though, hasn't been signed over the last few years? I think it's a a repeat of what I just said. Which is I think if a team decides the Colin Kaepernick or any other player can help their team win. That's what they'll do. They wanna win and they make those decisions individually in the best interests of their clothing sell key suing saying they could the the league is colluded to keep him out. And he is that lawsuits ongoing. It's ongoing it's gone on longer than the league thought it would. And and you know, he's gotten some some favorable rulings. I mean, I think look at the very least this is going to cause NFL owners to come out and probably say more things in public than they usually do which is always dangerous because NFL owners are not the most presentable public figures, you'll you'll ever see. They're all rich. There's another all rich. You know, what what little fact four NFL owners passed away in the last year, mostly? Are just so old. But although sport teams made the playoffs. I don't know what the listeners their bullets you. Good point. I did not know listeners. I'm trying to I'm trying to inform people make everyone smarter wise cabinet continously. I think it's a combination of things one. I mean, obviously, he comes with a lot of baggage. I mean, I think it will be one thing if he were Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady he is a backup quarterback now at best. I mean, I think I would say that look he deserves the league on the merits. But look if you're if you're a franchise, and you say look for backup quarterback is it worth the controversy. But distraction every player in the locker room being asked about it. All the time the crowds of protesters. I mean, e do most NFL coaches, in fact, all NFL coaches don't want to be distracted like this. And I also think a for example, I look at the Washington Redskins. He thought they still shot the playoffs. They lose Alex Smith. They need a guy that could probably pick up the offense. That would have been a time to pick an experienced guy up to do it. But they said Mark Sanchez, a better fit and people say, wait a second. Really, right. I mean, that's the underside to this. Which is every time a bad quarterback in the NFL, which seems to happen every week. You know, the media's going to remind everyone that, hey, by the way, Colin Kaepernick is better than this person that couldn't they do better than Mark Sanchez. And look if if you're a fan of the Redskins, you could very legitimately asked that. So now, the there's a few acts who have been pushed at this type of stuff. I know you love the game. But you also you love the storylines the maroon five cancel their press conference yesterday. It's usually the most is the most fun part of the week to sit there and get to talk to abandon the band says how much they love sports and went through. It's going to be maroon five's is by the way, they have great personalities. I actually Adam LeVine is on is is on the voice. So to me, you know, what this says to me we're talking now, they're ducking. But you know, why they don't want the distraction what they are taking a knee at halftime. And they're being pushed to take. And that's going to be there. I'm gonna play, but I don't wanna alienate my audience. But yet I want to go to a my billions of. The people, and I'm I'm great band. I want the challenge. So at one point three they're gonna hold up a sign gonna put on. So you think they have something up their sleeves ideal. Interesting. Yeah. I hadn't thought of that. I just sort of figure look we're gonna let our music, which is what they say. But I mean, if maroon five wants to be remembered for something forever. This would be so I guess we'll see I music. I love music. Yeah. I mean, you know, I'm not I'm not one of these hardcore guys. But I punch on the radio all the time. Okay. Let's music. Maroon five probably wouldn't be my first choice for a Super Bowl. Halftime broad enough to be perfect for this white audience. I guess I mean, I think they're more likely to be not controversial. But that flies in the face with the Brian Kilmeade opinion. Yes. Which means it's got to be wrong. And you know, what it could be right, by the way, you also hurt my feelings because you said you like music talk radio that hurt my feelings on some level. I'm way to sensitive. Do you think a part of the next? I'm actually part of a. You can't talk about music without worrying about like, the talk radio talking head, actually. No, you're not talking yet. You're talking voice. Right. Can you be talking on the radio? Now, I'm actually a torso. Because if we tell everybody because I am standing you are standing right you stand anyway because I sit FOX and friends morning. Also, I saw this study that it's really bad for your hamstrings. If you're sitting if the hamster play, John Glenn said, something very interesting. He was on the today show. He's in great shape. And they said, you know, you're in Crete shape, you going back into space. He's is or anything you would have done different. He goes. Yeah. He goes. I wish I stretched into I am so tight in the back of my mind. I remind you a little of John. That's interesting right now. So it's not by the way, you said that which is not interested all the kids out there who want to be astronauts and United States senators just give it up because you want a job that allows you to stand right or do it in stretch. I think that's a great great thing to to to give. Yeah. You you inform. That is not even formed your guest you and for listeners. Everybody wanted my guest tomorrow. We'll be Bob Kraft. Really it looks like I can get to his hotel at seven thirty. We're going to do a live you. I think we're going to try to do this. Right. Alison. Yeah. On television. We do only every year we go we've been doing it from from year one either not post game or pre game. If you had a question for Bob Kraft, relevant not relevant for this game. Now, this is his ninth says night SuperNet, which gives me ten parcels. Green Bay one that they lost. Yes. Because you know. I'm not sure he likes me anymore. I like him. I like the team. I would ask him if he will ever do the right thing. And now upon this tenth thing he will go back to the old logo of the guy like snapping the ball like that. I love that. I missed that. And now, maybe it's my childhood. I mean, I would ask him legitimately. Did he intervene last year against his head coach and decide that Tom Brady would I'm going to stick with Tom Brady and not Jimmy Garoppolo? And that's a question that no one has ever answered right? That is a great question. Rob Lowe went to the forty dollars at went every game. He started got hurt this year that was back to a bit went back to being the forty Niners. Right. You current forty nine or so, and that's good. We made it unbelievable. If he had retired in the spring having traded away his heir apparent right? Here's another thing. By the way. I know we're running out of time. But I would say Mr. craft. You are always saying you're a fan one year ago today. Malcolm Butler, the starting cornerback for your team sat on the bench the entire game. The eagles towards them for however many. A yards. Was that a mistake? Was it a mistake to bench Malcolm Butler, and he won't he won't second promises to great questions? But now I can't get any credit for. You're on the air. I will tell you you will get total credit because no one will remember this. I'm giving you this some more. By the.

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