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Time, eight oh two. I'm Mark Carlson. Another officer involved shooting in Phoenix. We're told that no officers were injured. This is unfolding in west Phoenix near eighty third and Campbell avenues. Details are not clear as to what led to the shooting. One person was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound. Police are looking for the driver who hit and killed a woman last night in south Phoenix. The woman was carrying a child when she was struck at sixteenth street and Broadway road around eight pm, please tell us she was not in a crosswalk. The child was transported in critical condition. Please thank the SUV that hit the woman as front end damage. Phoenix police is partnering with barrows neurological institute to teach officers how to deal with brain injury cases program teaches new Phoenix police officers how do identify and better communicate with brain injury victims to ensure that they have a successful interaction with an individual with a traumatic brain injury. Ashley Bridewell with baron. Your logical institute says those with traumatic brain injury can come off as non compliant. Often times. It's a result of an individual rag brain injury having difficulty following instructions. She says officers learn how to respond to these situations so far about one hundred seventy officers have gone through the program resulted Psotino KTAR news looking for something to do today. Why not head to a national park like the Grand Canyon entrance fees at all national parks and forests including the Grand Canyon. Petrified forest. And so we're all national park are wave today. National public lands day falls on the fourth Saturday and September each year. And.

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