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Mariner six as three rivers beat. The giants five three. It was the Padres over the Rockies fourteen thirteen and ten Red Sox, top the Orioles. Eight six race six angels five Indians. Over the Tigers, eight nothing Trevor Bowers first career shutout you'll out four hits struck out eight. The Braves beat the Phillies fifteen one. The cardinals over the Mets four two three nationals fifteen Diamondbacks, five Adams, two homers, including grand slam at seven RBI. It was the eighties over the White Sox. Ten three and the Blue Jays, speak the Astros twelve to nothing at the women's World Cup in France. USA planks, Chile three nothing curly void with a couple of goals from hockey, the ducks to reportedly in Dallas Aitken's their new head coach Peter Schwartz. Get the hardest hitting sports talk with my partner. Former all pro Seekie border, never pro here, three eastern Pacific on CBS sports radio. I like Betty standing. Denny pork and show parts bargains, The Danny Parkin's least helpful local talk show. Host Danny Parkin's, isn't that nice boy Barton? And find daddy. Should Congo guy? I've got a full on raging Chyba ski hates trip. Detaching. AARP St. Chinnery gamblers. I still obviously have no idea what I'm doing..

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