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The US at the blue water bridge in port Huron wait times across into the US and Canada are less than fifteen minutes for both cars and commercial vehicles rob Pasco WJR traffic and weather first this is for low temps tomorrow night Friday night Saturday night we've got a below average for change call for coming in from the north tonight with a couple of hit or miss thunderstorms so far mostly actions been up in Saginaw bay sixty five are low partly cloudy Thursday an isolated shower early in the day in and lower humidity with north winds and a high of seventy six was Thursday night in the fifties from the weather channel I meteorologist Scott Lori more the stock seven sixty WJR individual results may vary when it comes to vein disease and those in Paris and painful varicose and spider veins no one is immune just ask three time beach volleyball gold medalist misty may Treanor I was surprised to see I had been disease I didn't think I was old enough I'm a working mom of three young ones and I still coach I need my legs healthy in performing at their best that's when misty went to vein clinics of America the doctors of being clinics of America specialize in the latest laser therapies and minimally invasive treatments it's like the turn back time the veins they treated are completely gone and the procedure happens so fast for over thirty five years women and men have been enjoying healthy strong and youthful looking lakes thanks to vein clinics of America like gold medalist misty may Treanor gain plenty of America work for me and they can work for you to call vein clinics of America now to see if you qualify for a free consultation most treatments are covered by insurance eight hundred three zero seven forty two hundred that's eight hundred three zero seven forty two hundred eight hundred three zero seven forty two hundred why in this nation right the rails to Soldier Field to see your Detroit Lions take it to the bears November tenth you could win two game tickets hotel accommodations along with travel via Amtrak Midwest service to Chicago plus we'll outfit you emerge from made in Detroit it's the lions radio Amtrak brilliant get away to enter text keyword grade a year to five five six seven eight official rules of W. J. R. dot.

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