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Tom or get yourself assault, the monitor and you should be able to tell what that Saul tip isn't. And you'll know what it's time to get out and plan. All right as I promise this time for weather. It's the weather starting the true seer of seers. The prosecutor of prog- NAS Tecate tours. He is weather. Predictor extraordinary been doing this since he was five years old, Cold War fronts. Fear him the Weather Channel idolizes. He's the man who inspired the saying trees are good amateur meteorologist ISA board master, certified Arbor's Arbor, doctor himself, Mr. Ron Roth his website is Arbor, Dr dot com forward slash weather. Good morning, sir. Good morning. How are you? I'm great and yourself dot Arbor, Dr dot com, by the way could be Arbor, Dr dot com forward slash weather. I guess it could be on some alternate universe. Did it take it could take it to the same place? Anyway, just do Arbor Dr dot com that'll get you the same place, and you can take it from there. Your your your previous caller had brought up one of my favorite trees. What's that? Sour. Would. I love sour would. And I have the same frustrations that you've verbalised it's it's an Eric ASICs plant, which means it's, you know, same group with rhododendrons azaleas, it really prefers the Siddiq soils of the Appalachian mountains. You know, if you're in far eastern, Ohio, you might be able to get away with it. But in Columbus, probably not me, you might want to look at black gum or black Tupelo has the same softball, which color doesn't have the flowers. Although there is a female tree that produces flowers and small berries may. L to has has flowers, and then yellow woods and other one that has beautiful flowers needs a little bit drier location. But that would take the take the soil a lot better giving some of what he's looking at for a sour would. I really wish we could grow it. Full sour would in the west side of Cincinnati years ago at a church. I mean, it was twenty five thirty feet tall. And every time somebody would say, you can't plant Sara woods around here. I point to that one. They finally cut it down. But that's like the only one with Alan. What's that? Because they got tired of you point at it. Exactly. They got tired of it. But that's the only one I've ever seen. I had one in my yard for years, and it it it it survived. It didn't really thrive, but I've I've seen so many planted that just died. Like you said with the. See so many amount there that just exist. Right. And and you see Starwood, you'll see small ones almost like a shrub form that just kind of exist. If you go to the smokies or if go on the Blue Ridge Parkway, you'll see sixty and seventy foot tall sour would. I literally have seen them that large and you're absolutely breathtaking. But think of the different soil and conditions that they have in those areas. So. Mm Tris that. When you see it, and you become familiar with it. You fall in love with it. Oh, yes. Wish you could have it. But I mean, you know, some people might wish they could have a Sega palm to you. Just can't do it in Columbus, Ohio. Well, you know, my aunt and uncle used to have a dairy farm down. And you know, where this is out off a branch, you'll Guinea pike, and they used to have there was a they had probably one hundred acres of woods there. And there were several Sara woods in those woods. Yeah. They were like an under story there were small, but they were they were tour. I say several probably two or three or four that. I remember seeing in there. And otherwise, you know, like you said every now, and then you would see one in the landscape here. But that was about it. So. Story is where you see him. Like, I do a lot of hiking and Red River gorge in eastern Kentucky. That's where they grow the under story or you'll see I'm out on ridge tops in very thin. Sandy acidic soils growing amongst wild blueberries and Sassafras and red Maples, that's what they like, you know, and they they are kind of an under story or a woodland edge tree living areas with very organic acidic soils. So, unfortunately, it just this isn't the place for it. You got it Ron Ron Roth ac- Arbor doctor with us this morning again Arbor, Dr dot com is the website. So let's.

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