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He did that improves upon the book is the ending with doctor Manhattan making him. He's the reason or he's basically blamed off of the structure happens in New York, and all these major cities on stead of this giant of a giant squid much has willed into existence by all these philosophers and artists and creators that Ozzy Mandy has gathered together and mixing his genetics. Pro. Oh games. It's the Sopa sars-like. What way what it just it doesn't really kind of incorporate any of the characters we came the no-one watch me and just feels like an afterthought, but having doctor Manhattan, which they laid the ground. People are starting to fear him. It's showcased. He's been so interested in humanity for so many years that he's like, oh, yeah. I could see how humanity in the world to say courses guy went off and decide to kill all of us. So that was a really smart move on Snyder's part to do that. I think really worked. But no to your point how to faithful it's like some of the stuff where he actually has the narration like in the in the thought bubbles in these moments when like roszak is just doing specific action. Like, I was telling Sam on when we reviewed that the film how Russia is constantly talking doing Ruash Jack's journal comedian died tonight. It's it sounds goofy. Got that voice as well. Which isn't really help doing all these actually investigating. I think it takes away from the scene self distracted by that. And you could cut all that off. Like I made the comparison to. One of the cuts of blade runner. The original Bladerunner in how there's this whole cares for it has his entire near rationing off his horrific, dude. I know so many people who have only started with that as their blade runner is like the most Hanff here's some drunk or purposely fucking up. That narration, but it shows you how like listen take some stuff outlet like trust your audience, they can figure this shit out. And also when you have a beautiful aesthetic world anyway, like laid runner in like watchmen, like let people live in that. Silence. You know what I mean? Like, it's already hypnotic, and I feel like you're right by including that shit wanted treats us like we don't know what the fuck we're talking about. It's necessary in comics because we we don't have the benefit of moving pictures. I mean, it's so it's such a fuck and misstep, man. I'm totally with you. I didn't mean to cut you off. But yeah, Bladerunner that's my fucking. That's my signals. So no, usually good. I mean, that's always the comparison. I like to make train explain why think doing direct -tations not always good, especially from comics. But what let's meet what. I'm excited about this. This new watchmen comic is that. Okay. Now, they have just the freedom or this new watchmen show. They just have the freedom to do anything. They really want. I looked at the fact that takes place decades later, obviously going to see some of these characters much older. Like, I think what you had mentioned that. Jeremy Irons is playing much older Ozzie Ozzie manned is. So I wanna see where it kinda he is in his life. But I want to ask you other any other characters that you wanna see again the show who who are still alive. And would you wanna see night owl or silk, spectre, possibly doctor Manhattan? I'm sure the fact that the New Testament we're gonna see like Dr Manhattan, or maybe his son, you know, his his Jesus Christ. I mean, there's a lot of direction they can go. And but like what kind of characters do you wanna see in this new show return? I mean, that's the thing. I want them to honestly craft as much of an original world as they can't things. Like having an older humanity is nice if it's window-dressing if he's not necessarily super super integral in the day today plot of what that show is. You know what I mean? Yeah. Because I'm more interested in the passage of time. I think like, yeah. This guy had. Retired as a superhero had traded that in for, you know, financial super heroism right like trying to run shit on a global geopolitical scale..

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