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And songwriters and arranges around the question is if they do get married who sings christina aguilera michael blaine natalie cole celine dion josh grove in l can't jennifer lopez kenny loggins these are people that is affiliated with yeah okay now here's the other gotcha his kids are all older than katharine mcphee really yeah and now they're saying that they call her mommy i'm thinking maybe that just slap in the face that is weird i don't know there's a thirty four year difference this will be his fifth marriage her first so we shall see what happens i'm just saying it's kind of creepy it's really weird i come on she's thirty four mary guides sixty eight i mean that's three four years difference you're not thirty four yet are you know i just turned thirty okay so i that the difference is longer than you've been alive i mean that's that's really weird i mean five marriages though this will be his fifth marriage yeah they should have kenny loggins in there i mean it it didn't work out five times before when your step kids are older than you are then the serious problem he's got like twelve grandkids too so it's like oh my god gave it no a couple of things to talk about when we get back this is interesting you can now rent grandkids this is the weirdest thing i think it's the greatest thing in the world and we're all faced with this dilemma about putting our parents in a nursing home this one woman she wasn't gonna have it and it didn't end real good for the sun we'll explain in just a minute breaking news when it happens.

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