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Four couples we have in here. Four couples got married on Saturday four. FAMOUS PEOPLE I'm sure regular people got married on ten ten to plenty of regular people to lot of famous people married to housewives. One Nepotism Cynthia Borrego God married Bailey then we had a DJ. Mustard. Then we had who else? Who's next Oh Kelly dodd the other housewife. Then, we had Robin Williams Sons Zach got married. Zach Williams. Yeah God this is like one boring thing after another no I think I like Cynthia I like Cynthia DJ mustard mustard mustard on the beat. I. Know About Him uh-huh and. Yeah and then Kelly Dodd married a Fox News Person I. Don't give a shit about that. The Robin Williams son God's Sad Robin Williams. Said basic not even famous enough Kelly Dodd. No. Thank you gross. The only thing is that like Zach didn't do this and really needed a DJ mustard I think because the wedding seemed so small there are a lot of like instagram stories from DJ mustard who married his girlfriend Chanel. So they got married nell theory they've been there for a long time. So it's kind of. It was almost kind of like the least exciting one because they've been together for a long time and they have kids and they've been engaged for like two years. So like whatever wedding was very small looked like maybe a dozen people were there Dj Mastered Call DJ measure because it's real name is dijon Israel Amazon. Yes. His real name is John because he goes by DJ mustered Also you know what is I notice I. Mix tape was called catch up catch up I just love sticking to sticking to a brand just like stay on the continent space Mustard on the beat, there was a there was a very short period of time. We're mustard on the beat home at like you had a good song. It was like that was A. Lot of miley songs. Okay. What else? WHO WELL AIR WEDDING Safety measures. Dj Mustard chanels that didn't really go into the safety measures and I think the reason they did it is number one they were like we're not gonNA pander and also there weren't a lot of people here. So it's like doesn't even look like look crazy. There were hundreds of people or I think two hundred and fifty people at Cynthia Bailey's wedding. So half of the coverage, of Cynthia, Bailey's wedding like just. So you know we did everything we could to make the safe people got the exclusive on their wedding and they got the exclusive on all of the S-, quote safety measures put in place. Tales I feel like I'm really old about safety measures then the actual wedding I think that's true. Probably, if you did a word count, there's more about the safety measures, which is probably part of the deal said. First of all, not to be again whatever. But I'm going to read you a quote and think about if you choose to get married right now, not get married have a wedding think about what you choose to throw a big wedding right now quote usually my concern before the wedding would be more focused on a lot of the aesthetics of the wedding however because we are getting married in endemic, the focus has turned to do we have the thermometers for the temperature checks? Do we have sanitizer stations I mean would? What? Why why would you? Why? Why would you? They're spreading out shares everyone you know there were it was gonna be outside but now it's inside because of a hurricane I mean no, one can Dan they're doing a D. opening lengths is all I saw videos people danced bore Oh, they did what's so strange about the videos they're all wearing matching only sometimes i. Oh, Zahren Grades Gills Aaron made the masks great. Another house wide made the mask I'm just like this is so it seems It seems to stressful to be fun. That's what it is. There's no fucking way and like there are probably people that WanNa, go to this wedding, but don't really want to feel uncomfortable. Then you have that whole drama and I'm sure and this is not just like for famous people as his everyone who's dealing with this stuff right now I just find it. So like I find it a little bit frustrating the People Still WanNa. Like go have big weddings when it's like I want you to have a fun wedding. Right now delay that shit wait. Yeah. All right. But they get I. Think the most interesting thing about the Cynthia thing is that it's very clear. It's just one of the clearest instances of. Loyd really liking a person because when I was looking back on other stories, that people is written about Cynthia Bailey like they're all just overwhelmingly positive and it's tons and tons and tons of press. So of course, they would get the follow up story but the people exclusive here's every single fucking thing sent the Mike did to make their wedding safe. So it's like they got the Gold Star treatment. We'll do you think we'll. We'll give you the exclusive. We'll talk to you about this wedding if you're nice to us. This safety measure stuff but I guess, also it's also pandering to people's interest because people are interested like we are in like kind of Gawking at all of the kind of ridiculous things you have to do now to have a wedding like this as liberty winning essentially. says. Where was the line that was? Oh, it says, but spreading out chairs is an older couple is doing ahead of the Wedding Bailey fifty three and hill fifty. Oh, she's real housewives of Atlanta and he's a sports caster. So he's t percents as well hired a team from Senator Senator Facilities, maintenance INC to deeply in the venue with the professional cordless electrostatic hand-held sprayer. It's like what are all of these.

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