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Hi and welcome back to coast to coast George door with you our final segment with can gear hard in your calls as we talk about crippling this fascinating subject Canada it really is I I can see how people can get pulled into this yeah absolutely and I I you know I think there's a strong foundation that people overlook the couple of dynamics one is that you know of course a lot of our planet is still Bastin unexplored I think that's right lose sight of that in a you know with all the wonderful technology we have these days but the other thing is that about five thousand new species are still describe every year George in fact a recent study last year by university projected that out of eight point seven million organisms our planet we've only identified about fifteen percent or one point three million so I mean a lot of things out there that we haven't found yet and you know the discoveries continue let's go there a truck driving out there in Indiana Eric it is very good market Joe guy has our J. hard by the time I got to you you're probably be out of Indiana hall no I had just started when I called and I've been on hold so I'm not I'm good all right a couple things I didn't know if your gas does work with either Conor Linda Godfrey that would be the first one and the second thing I had to say was a story that was told to me years ago by a gal who at one time had been married in the same family I have been into and for quite some time I had been that guy let it was not what I call a swaggering arrogant skeptic that make an effort not to believe anything not moral but more like that line from the original Ghostbusters movie I'm here to believe you because there are so many obscure things out there that just because they're not wandering around Walmart although that you have the people of Walmart page there's things out there that you see what the lamps for you you're out in the woods hunting or whatever else and what did I just see exactly now and so anyway this lady told me this story that she told me happened to her about fifty or fifty five years ago down in southern Indiana in the town a rising sun which is there is a lot of obscure things in southern Indiana I have spoken to I've known three people have seen a big foot in southern Indiana and this lady told me a story they had to do with those little creatures we use read about only the school in school like in fairy tales and stuff anyway she now dishes about ten years old she had this bike she is real proud of she was down by the river bridge and she heard something hit singer growling outer she turned around and just on the other side of a log she described it as a little troll about eighteen inches the two foot tall and it looked better it growled opened its mouth those fangs drop down she said I love my bike but I'm I and the thing chaser for a little ways and then finally stopped but she said I rarely terror that story because just like a lot of people they don't like the ridicule that goes along with that so she heard about me and we're at a family function and she made a beeline for me to tell me this story she had no reason to lie and I didn't know if that would have been in amongst the things that your guest as sought out in the research and heard stories about okay and who's the first person along with Linda got for you mentioned because you're broke up a little bit there while black Blackburn okay great okay go head count yeah first of all you know while Linda both very good friends where we're very small group you know those of us that that search for cryptid so we're kind of a case there are a lot of that so yeah we're all good friends we work together as far as your account thank you for sharing that back to the little foot thing Indiana has a version and they're known as the puck what Jeez and that's based on a Delaware Indian name from sort of New England that there are sightings of pop what these elections the puck wages I should say in in New England and Indiana under describe just like you said a little troll type creatures I thought they might be a little bigger than eighteen inches search to or you know two feet maybe three feet or higher but you know that that in fact sounds like you know what your friends saw it is called a park why do you not I would personally place that into the little foot category some type of little small diminutive hominid type thing would you put the leprechaun stories from the Ireland tradition and myths in the same category they may have a fall from other legends from Eastern Europe for example in Russia and Eastern Europe there something known as the dome of full a witcher like basically leprechaun or or sherry tech creatures although they're much scarier and perhaps is the you know the legends migrated across Europe to western Europe they you know they may have anointed these little hobgoblins with you know more human like features and clothing and things like that but you know I I firmly believe that that you know behind a religion there is a grain of truth and behind the legend of the the leprechaun there may be some type of diminutive hominid like a little fort it's always the rocky service traveling near Nashville Tennessee I Serra welcome to the program okay historically I have been a big but agnostic if you will I am from the mountains of north Georgia where you hear about big but all the time right and I have from all over Georgia and parts of northern Florida and part of the the low country and here in South Carolina no has told me about Asian of their version of big but like what you're saying and a lack of all right and they all call at one eight and I'm wondering if your dad has heard of spot eight I even though okay a group of friends in coffee county which is right above the Florida line that they all have these vinyl stickers on their back glasses of their cars and trucks that are just little small little eight working you know walking around little things and it's it's the one eight and they had it made because it's just a well known thing amongst their friends and their family members and their communities and then you know I'm doing this genealogical research and find my biological paternal grandfather and it turns out that the guy was like a big split hoaxer in Washington state in the seventies and you know there's that that's one of the few things I can find you know about the guy with an article that confirms that and so yeah I just feel weird looking through the radio and I'm in the process now of moving from north Georgia shoot in northern central tenet beer where this white so I do like you know I felt like okay I have to call in now yeah I want to know if you've heard of it swamp ape yeah actually cryptozoologist Loren Coleman has theorized that there might be a and an actual upon Gedern eight he called them napes north American aids or swamp ape is another name sort of more like a chimpanzee type thing quadruped and much smaller than big foot but definite definitively in eight it moves around on all fours primarily it looks very able like and those accounts may have gotten mixed up into big foot lord that is all kinda want together so a you know I it really does boil down to how many different species of of hominids or or eight Sir would you believe there could be hunting around North America certainly in Florida you have to consider that there are a lot of eggs on it exotic animal collectors and you know the zoos and things like that in a I'm sure on occasion things like chimpanzees in around a chance of escape when I was in the Florida's Florida's green form back in two thousand five we spoke to some park Rangers down there that that said that they had collected accounts of chimpanzee looking things that were running around in the swamp there so yeah I think swampy to the possibility as I think it could be more of an eight type thing and you know again getting kind of mixed up in into the big foot lore and some of these creatures service middle school down and picked up a human and took them away what is the famous account of course of a gentleman named Albert Osman and he was a prospector and he cleaned it in nineteen twenty four up in British Columbia that he was kidnapped by a family of soft watches you with us now alone in the wilderness and they took him back to their lair and he finally managed to escape after a few days and that's probably the most famous account beyond that there's a native American accounts of of people being kidnapped by south watches and ultimately escaping as well but not too many of those stories what would people like Bob gambling the given when Patterson given one soul guy what would you do if somebody approached him and said we want to give you a polygraph test where you take one I think Bob would be willing to do it something done yet well he's he's you know you have to consider that for many years as I said earlier he was kind of given the shaft in terms of the you know the the financial end of that whole thing he disappeared for many years after the film was shot he basically sold all of his rights to the film he wouldn't do any media interviews for years and years and you know a lot of it just kind of left a bad taste is not because a lot of people would call him a hoaxer and different names and to my understanding it almost cost him his marriage so it's just in recent years these kind of gotten back into the field I will tell you this though if you sit down and listen to Bob tell the story which many hundreds of people now have done because he's been touring around the country talking about it for for the past two years you will not find a more credible person more salt of the earth down to earth type the guy the Bob yeah man I mean I I I doubt anyone could hear him tell the story of of how they got that film and not be a hundred percent convinced that he's just telling the truth he's just that sincere we had an individual came on the program and said that in the alien was looking through his door window and he took a picture of it it's kind of weird look more like a cut out to me but it was still strange anyways we put together a polygraph examiner and asked him if he would do it we paid for it and the guy the able polygraph test and he failed and then he came back to us and said he was on medication and that affected his personal results and but but he failed the test let's go next to Walter in Allentown Pennsylvania Hey wild go ahead all right George seasons greetings to you Mister Gary are you too you too very knowledgeable very informed and a great conversation and also Jesus greetings to all your colleagues at the show Tom and don and Jay and then everybody else thanks Walt Georgia if my memory serves me correctly I believe you are start the Neil degrasse Tyson about big for them he saw the roots reported up.

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