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Medicine at Stanford University so I know we don't do recriminations or not today but when it when we talk about the the lockdown and indeed the entire economy shut down one suggestions made by the imperial college study that suggested a half million people were going to die in the U. K. and now estimated that down to twenty thousand or less in the U. K. over the course of three days the people who are in charge of study basically suggested the reason for that that is number one the death rate being lower but number two that the lockdown is actually effective at preventing this if you let people out of lockdown is on the twenty thousand it's a hundred thousand there's a study that came out from university of Washington today suggesting that the total number of deaths in the United States over the next four months could be eighty thousand I'm not sure what death rates that apply in that study and trying to figure that out all day long here do you think that the lockdown and and people staying home has been effective in at least reducing the transmission how many excess deaths had actually been prevented I'm not looking for you know hard number but but like I right I find that I can give you a hard number on this which is difficult right but I think the key thing there is but that you can see the uncertainty in practice right right in front of you that the argument for the shutdown essentially so not a lot of healthcare systems like yours in Italy's top imminently that's actually not unreasonable I mean it depends on what the terms on the capacity the health care system to deal with large numbers of people need validators in ICU beds and things like that so I think that died it's hard for me to save my comment directly I think I have to be very careful attention to detail college studies study and the last I saw just this morning but you're free from the P. I expect that he just just basically changes wanted something like that to look more carefully I think there that that that that's I mean TA you see people putting numbers and look to see are prevalent especially as soon as your problem can definitely number initially that led to this massive massive shut down policy that number it isn't justified by that actual study will part of the population they they they guess that number I mean I think we we definitely much more careful about about a more humble I think about you know the confidence with which we said let's do this when we when we don't actually know number we should be we should say we don't know that number or to reflect the uncertainty in our in our in our confidence in our our statements much more more effectively we typically do and Dr J. final question for you let's let's assume that we actually do get these tests in place that we start running all these zero prevalence has that that puts your problems by the way just get your check my definition is to make sure I'm getting this right that would be checking the prevalence of the of the antibodies in people's blood basically one has racked what once the once those tests aren't correct then how soon do you think this laptop how soon could we could we be looking at getting out of get out of I want to yesterday I want this test yesterday I went down yesterday I want the number medially and we have our studies that I'm I'm working on with some of my colleagues to get the generality and end up in LA county took it to get those circles of nice but we are nationwide study and we support for nationwide said you need to keep sticks to to keep things are missing right now is we need a large number of antibody test and we need to have some funding source to pay for pay for that task and we can get those we can get that running with the whole I mean the scientific community around but the folks I'm talking with they want these numbers also so this is not something that's controversial I don't think it's partisan I just think it's we just need we need the number I'm hoping will know it in in that two weeks on that the latest what name really amazing amazing stuff and an interest and vital stuff here from Dr J. Bhattacharya professor medicine it's never really appreciate your time Sir and thanks so much for hard work on this topic yeah I think it was a real pleasure to care well coming up we're gonna talk about president trump apparently members media very very angry that president trump's numbers are up in the midst of all of this because of course everything is from fall gets that momentarily first let's talk about some stuff that you can do in the near term like right now you are locked down at home well first of all you can help your fellow Americans how can you do that as a member of the community well yes my name then two four one four nine zero take the love America pledged today how can you help out local businesses that are just getting slammed well you could purchase a gift card from them you could commit to social distancing which is going to be useful regardless what happens next you.

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