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Reporter Mike Sugerman of the story queen's Boulevard it's been called the Boulevard of death especially for bicycles figures show on section without bike lanes are twice as likely to die than on the protected part that's absurd it's a sin says Mike advocate Peter beagle bike lanes were supposed to be installed all along the road here in Jackson heights and some were but then the work stopped Lizzy Rahman started the campaign after her son was killed on his bike eleven years ago all of this painful day pulled their heart and mind to get it done but now what backers claim political shenanigans boat training involving council members and the mayor have held things up the mayor did not return our emails but the advocates here what the bike lanes put back on the fast track in Jackson heights Mike Sugerman WCBS newsradio eight eighty more people are riding the trains these days the MTA says there were roughly five point seven million rides per week day last month up four point five percent from a year ago ridership has also gone up seven months in a row the MTA credits improved service for the uptick including an on time performance rate of eighty four percent in August which was at six year high Dan from steel wheels to rubber tires and gas prices held steady last week but there are places where you can find some bargains according to the triple A.'s Robertson clear junior if driving the looking to save money certainly they could just go to Long Island if you're in western queens or in Brooklyn Long Island prices of two sixty four.

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