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And reduce speed in those areas bubba burger is america's favorite burger watch the bubba burger sports car grand prix televised live on fox four pm eastern time this saturday find bubba burger in your local grocer's freezer xtra sports thirteen hundred weather from first alert five some win tonight thirty six tomorrow cloudy windy off and on again mid to upper forties right now it's seventy two in the springs i'm chuck squire with traffic and weather on xtra sports thirteen hundred i'll sports all the time the following is an exclusive sports presentation of extra sports thirteen hundred next i'd like to introduce southern colorado it's time for your live and local sports talk show gooden terrible i think he to dudes are gonna become real homeys these guys i hate those guys hero your host ryan kaufman and chris brayden with a godfather of colorado springs sports radio weei lls welcome to the show ryan chris wheels you already know that all with you we got you for a full three hours and then some with drive time overtime although i don't know that we're going to allow air bremer on because of of things that occurred last night which we're going to get into here what jimmy butler said after the game we did it for bremer yes however misguided and misplaced that hope is we're going to hope i have one i have one hope that will come true tonight is american idol related like why do you ask his.

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