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Meeting my wife, the mighty Aphrodite here at ten ten after we married. We had our twin boys who were born. Now, get this the tenth month the tenth day October tenth at ten minutes after ten a lot of tens in our family. And of course, mom and dad met and fell in love at CF are be ten ten. So there you go. Coming up in our is one and to Lieutenant Colonel Robert mcginnis, or as we say up here in Connecticut. Stan left Tenet, Colonel Robert mcginnis retired. He says America is locked in a new kind of dual Cold War with the Russians and the Chinese the Russian federation under a populist off. Authoritarian leader seriously threatens the west through cyberspace and military. Thanks to that country's heavy investment in sophisticated mass killing weapons, the People's Republic of China is a great power with global ambitions led by a new kind of communist leader focused on rapidly, growing, his nation, economically and militarily and together China and Russia collaborate to dominate our future. And that pseudo alliance could well become the catalyst that leads to the prophetic and times Lieutenant Colonel Robert mcginnis author of ally. Silence of evil is here for hours one and two hours three and four. And let's see what shall we? Do. I thought maybe we could exchange some veal recipes because there's absolutely nothing going on right? I actually remember slow new date Newsday's back in the nineties when we would sit around and say, wow, there's nothing going on. Well, that certainly isn't the case these days. When was the last time, we had a slow news day open lines in the last half hour of this audio transmission, of course, there's the murder of Saudi journalists kashogi there are migrants on the March from Honduras, there is the midterm elections. And on the horizon, we could talk about all that stuff. But but let me just throw this log on the fire. And I think it's the single most important question out there even more important than who wins the house who wins the Senate which party will get to stack the various courts with judges of their choosing. Yes. More important than all of those things. And that is in many ways, it's the only question that matters. What happens after we die? I'd love to hear from people who have experienced a near death experience or have had an after death encounter an encounter with heaven. Hell angels or yes. Even demons and given what Lieutenant Colonel Bob Maginnis is about to reveal. It might be a good time to start contemplating our mortality and discuss what lies beyond the great veil. Welcome to the audio imaginarium come on in weary traveler, hang your clothes on a pay. Grab a stool and come gather round the fire. There are stories to be told and you are among France. I'm Richard Serra sitting in for George Noory. This is coast to coast AM. Why don't you stay awhile?.

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