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My personal as a freshman in their elective between whatever theology classic wanted. Theology Marriage and family, so I'm thirty years old. I'm married with three kids, and I'm in the theology of marriage class with a bunch of college. Kids so it's quite entertaining The. The priests who who is professor, he loves me He loves my wisdom that I bring loves my real life experience so that will that one school, because like I said. It's a bunch of college, kids and we're. Learning, basically my life. Air Catholic. The family like I'm doing what we're learning. Exactly so. That in school, and then my other one is a finance class. It's macaroni class kind of on the world economy. So that means a grind. Bounds a lot harder. So you gotTa start you start. Camp like in about a week or you're supposed to. Is that if golf, do you? Do you keep playing when you're in camp or no? No so usually the end of July when we reported journey GAM. That's that's on the club's get hung up and. Hopefully. I'm not picking up again until mid February when we go back down to south Florida so Maybe that's part of the reason why my golf game is so inconsistent. Take six off every year it's. Like yes, I could go and like hit balls for thirty minutes or an hour while the weather still decent Minnesota but Especially in training, camp and stuff you get a day a week or so and. The kids are so excited to see you spend time with you. It's hard for me to justify this going up hitting balls. Although my three year, olds love going to the range now so maybe I'll be able to get them out and go hit balls for a little while because they enjoy going it so. Who knows maybe I'll be able to get the called a few times this year and How is your is your training at all been different because everything that's going on like. Is there a certain level of uncertainty that seeps into everything that you do because you're just not sure how things are going to play out, or is it pretty much the same? Yeah Oh? There's definitely a level of uncertainty I tried to compare it to two thousand eleven. We had the lockout and You know there was no offseason. So you know for me I played my last name at Notre Dame than you do all the. Pre draft training then we're drafted in and there was no rookie minicamp. Ota's no vet minicamp. Just ended July. We got the phone call report attorney..

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