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That motion will be debated tomorrow. So this house can give verdict on the shell incompetence. Jeremy carbon. He's not next prime minister could be and it's an interesting thing is is that. Alright. If he fails today in this motion, she's been given three day. She comes back on Monday says okay? This is my plan b. And if it's actually nothing different than substance, then the labor party, the opposition labor party say, okay, another vote a no confidence they can get. They can they can do that every week for the next seven weeks. So eventually if she doesn't pull a rabbit out of a hat. She may well be gone in the coming coming weeks or months, and how far left is Jeremy Corbyn for our listeners who aren't familiar with his political positions. In American parlance, you had to be closest to say, thank you back to the last election. A Bernie Sanders something about ilk. Exactly. And of course, this country's gone to ten years about steady people are fed up to the IT. And if you look at the again, it's probably a similar thing in America right now, you look at the the wage and not only the wage, but the wealth gap, you know, the top one percent, I've been raking it in for the past decade and wages have been going. Absolutely nowhere for the ninety nine percent of the worker bees. And they're pretty fed up, and you can smell it out there on the street. They're ready for change here. Tom rivers ABC news in London. Tommy only about thirty seconds left. If they had to vote all over again with the people in the UK vote in favor of Brexit again. You raise an interesting point. If you had a leader that actually would deliver a clean break from Europe. They probably would given the fact that they've been handed a Brexit Bill that really doesn't fit that if you will. That project they might just actually vote again in a second referendum against getting out of Europe. This this this particular plan does not fit the original question that is at the core at the hub of this whole issue. She's come back with a plan that doesn't answer the question. All right. ABC news correspondent Tom rivers in London. Thanks a lot. What a mess over there. And it really is. When we come back. We're going to be discussing all things politics Kirsten gillibrand the next president bought a prostate and erectile,.

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