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Like. I said we will be reviewing what we're used to be the week after now. This is like two weeks ago and WS keep their heads ringing that was live from the Odeon and with me this week I have Cayden fulltime fulltime but spoiler alert haven't told you yet I will not need you next week. So you get a week off and <hes> well. We're just almost weird copy and pasting from last week we also stacey so so now we're doing the show. We thought we were doing when we did last week show. That's what I was thinking about earlier that Polish like we were. We thought we were talking. You know we're we're previewing a show now. We're going to go back and review the show so let's let's get it out of the way WS podcast already talked about it but just keep consistency with the show Ray Phoenix was not at their show and that really really fucked up the card yeah man what's up with that fucking Ray Phoenix. What a Dick the ASO? I wasn't as disappointed in that I kinda WanNa see him on occasion you were you. Were really wanting to see him. I'm Owen Oh incentive dancing <unk> Jesus Christ you're about as bad as I was with extra you're worse of me and Marco and my also track record of trying to meet and get a pitcher sure with Terry funk technically I did meet him by shut up so late in that show literally the only interaction I had with him. Was Oh the bathrooms that way that's essential well most of it. Well like ninety. Five percent of my dog came to that show national but I did not get to meet him there. I didn't get to meet him in Philly. When I went I can get to meet him at Russell calm when I went because he couldn't show up for either of those hey I understand Thursday on his health that sucks? It's more of a fuck my luck type thing with him but yeah that's how how many show like how is it that many it was wrestle con a couple years ago ten years. It's been bloodshot eyeball. Show sin said even advertise for just wasn't air. He got injured before Russell <hes> he wasn't at the other shows. The funny thing is I seen him at the wrestle con Super Show when I went but that's when him and pending on main event against the hardy boys yeah you saw a real good match. Now I did science fair luck man. I'll say this I I'm sure there was somebody in that room that was disappointed that he wasn't isn't there outside of Thorn. Oh yeah thought the show was may be better off for it. Yeah I like the the rearranging of the car that was made that we started off with the first match. Which I we have the fuck it's come now and they basically said that you know Phoenix? Wasn't there so outcomes fucking euthanasia yeah how good way to start the show Mike I definitely know there had to be upset that he wasn't going to be there. I mean the the Flyer was originally posted with him and Pentagon and that was going to be a huge seller for this whole show and when one of your two polls I don't like that pulls a bitch ass fucking move that sucks because there is definitely people that bought their ticket because they were both going to be there technically. If you've been a fan for a good five years you've already met Pentagon McGregor. I know there's new fan so there's a portion of the fan base Pentagon but fucking Phoenix hasn't been at W. At all so get Dick Yeah. It's good now I get that I do a truly do fan of Phoenix and he's not there I get I get that. You're unhappy that he's not there the dude to be unhappy with Phoenix anybody else. I'll say this if you walked out of that show and man maybe you don't like wrestling Ray Phoenix as that show holy shit there was a good show. I think we were talking about in the preview just how stacked it felt and coming out of it. It still felt good and replacing euthanasia for that for me he was I would I would much rather see that I don't WanNa see the reform of euthanasia. Even if it's only a couple of matches because Josh prohibition is on his third or fourth or fifth or sixth retirement or fine. Let's see what more time to go against the fuck its who they were. They had to be looking forward to going up against the loser brothers but then the only way you can replace them is with to legends like J. Pro and Matt Cross so as as much of that sucks. I was so happy that that was the replacement. How did you feel duty? They couldn't have picked a better replacement. I feel bad for the fuck. It's 'cause who knows if they'll get a chance to wrestle neutral brothers again yeah which sucks but man euthanasia was such a good replacement like Dan Lewis Hayden in Vienna perfect replacement and so that's the second time you and I have got to see you in Asia and a year yeah actually yeah that's I. That's so good I was so happy and the match was really fucking. Good to to open the show special it was fantastic and we take a moment to talk about the crowd because the fucking crowd was on on fire for the show crowd is right and go. Do we want to connect the dots now man those dots are easily connected the first show in a while that you could go and purchase alcohol without leaving the premises and the crowd was just flat out on point like there was so much that I loved about the show not even like I'm not a big alcohol drinker w shows but that was one thing and to have a show like this with that that was had no like overhead lights fluorescent light shit like we actually had just a lighting rig it spotlights like stuff like that to where it really. It felt more like a wrestling show than most F._W.. Shows of just all just a bigger wrestling show I should say and that's one thing I really loved. I come from more of a school of usually liking like you know y and Ben Roger just a a gym with the House lights on. I dig that a plot however men felt real special at the Odeon like it felt that made the show feel like a bigger deal and like it had a really stacked card show Feld special in the same and it might just be the looks so different usually looks like he's just Jim Light Weight had for many years right and the Jersey felt really special to fill and so did this. This felt more like Jersey did like if you didn't get to go to New Jersey you missed out you really messed out but this show woods a a nice. Hey you didn't get to go well this sorta what it felt like because that you're GonNa get the setup with the stage and the way the ramp was at this show was great. It was good. I think sometimes like the lighting because they were using the lighting rig from the venue. elating was a little harsh on the ring honestly but of all the places the A._i.. W has been post Mount Carmel was the best experience and it didn't. It didn't smell bad inside. It's smoke good inside. Oh that's sad but true very true the smell but rest in peace said other building looking at a picture right down to the ring and it's just a random thought that I had and dragged the store caved in how far has the A._i.. W Ring Canvas gone from Turner's hall from entirely made of duct tape to what it is now which they had for longest time in that I remember we came in and we got the first new canvas which I think now is like the the death match canvas <hes> earn the original duct tape canvas the death match campus thrown things they have multiple death mask Kansas because a`migrant duct tape one was horrible but when we came in which I think it was after steam came in because steen brought in a lot of ticket sales they were able to buy this first new canvas longtime quite on time and we were just like Oh shit look in his eye and now where it would like the pretty canvas with a W.. On like logo <unk> married everything come a long way from that shitty ass Gamba's even the say now bathroom use the widow of like Britain gaming with the curtains to what it is now the facade a spray painted twice twice thought he did twice once. I'll tell you what man with the with the painted canvas new term buckled pads fantastic. It's inaugural saying man that was old turnbuckle pads were rough Yep <hes> and then like and being able to just like us the the fog machine and stuff with it some it just it looked really everything looked it really pro. It looked like a touring brand. You know like it didn't it didn't look that much different than what like annex t does when it comes through I mean sands like the big draw over that they use them yeah. It's nice to smoke machine. Greenback afterwards decent ranks very yeah. I thought everything just look real really really like professional national yeah and that's not saying we disagree like sign update professional before but no no I mean I the first thing I said I love like a Gritty D._i._y.. Look to two ish go but if you do like a what looks like super professional really well if you're putting effort into it if it's not half asked. Asked which is not like it made A._i.. W look like a big deal. The set for a w has progressed so well. I even remember the very short lived. We're going to get really theatrical him and they had I think it was hell on earth one year or they made a look a little more demonic and like I remember this yeah. It didn't last very long but it's been a really crazy progression for that show. It's crazy I mean before we actually had an official ramp and that nice of an entrance way which was obviously homage to the old Ross at that was just this brick rick entrance way. That wasn't wasn't brick but the look of that. It's like the old C._W.. Entrance Yeah Anyway <hes> the fuck. It's one of the pounds it was a pretty good. One to her. Match did a great job of setting the tone for the show the as the weapons show there was zero weapons evolved in this. It was Chris of match next up we had tim danced versus Dominic Greenie. This was a far as I remember. This was a fun one. I've I love this more. How would I put a little bit more intense Don's where he he's? It's not going into a storyline sense of like I got. I'm chasing the title I'm doing this but he's just beenish it at people no complaints so angry and he to fucking this match was so much fun. What did you think about it start with stacy due to delivered exactly how I thought it would it was it was I dug everything about it any excuse I have the outcome fucking Tim fucking Johnston? I can't speak anymore. I'm going to bet you kidding. This is slightly more for that. I thought it was gonNA be just straight. Wrestling is a little bit more of a brawl then wrestling which is cool with me. Hope in there's more anxiously we need to in the future is not whatever I would be happy to see it happen again at Jalen yeah I would I would figure Don's task to be announced as it. I'm not I mean he's going to be announced. 'cause I think Donald has been in every every year except for the whole cancer years so that was like twenty fifteen other than that I think he's been in every single year Cayden. Do can you agree disagree leading okay in fact this Gimme away twins. I might take on it so I I would figure. He's GonNa be in Jalen in think. Tom Has already been announced Jalen but that would be a fun one not a first round match second round match one. It'd be four-way second round now. Oh yeah seconds now four when they changed the format a couple of years day. That's right still sick around that could lead into another a third match to set anything no absolution who knows that's going to be well so far. They've announced sixteen of the twenty four not bad I like it. Normally twenty flaunts is already announced his already announced on standoff or both already announced these announcements. Come so fast and other shit that I've Yep you're right. I mean obscene right. ooh Fun fact they were back to back five and five and six where did six go six is bishop. Okay I'm looking on facebook and sometimes I I'll post them in order but facebook will put them in a random order but they did put Bishop Don side-by-side. We'll get more obvious more to that here next month but wanting to know more about it. Only thing I was told is whoever entrant number twenty three is is somebody. I'm going to be really excited for. That's all I was told so. The only thing I was told is that there's a possibility of a <hes> old ring of honor. That's all I've heard. I wonder if there's a connect wait a minute. I just figured it out so yeah. I'm excited if that's true. Let's move on. We'll congratulations nations on your sleuthing expect anybody to go well. Kate was just like Oh. I can confirm it. I'm like oh well whatever like he didn't even have to tell me but then you said ring of honor and I was like who would I be excited about ring of <unk> honor stains in wt all wait a minute. I'll just leave it at that if that's but if it's true I'll go nuts the. I don't know I don't have a name for you. I just so let's let's move on and Tim Johnson via rest. Stop Age so a reason for the feud continue ensure next up. We have a policy impromptu but unannounced or was this unannounced..

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